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2021 Clark County Primary Election

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See jurisdiction links below (e.g. City of Camas) for relevant news and record of pro life related council/board votes.  Neither Planned Parenthood nor Naral has endorsed any Clark County candidates so far.  Send tips to


  Survey Questions 

  City of Vancouver       Current Council    LWV Forum 7/17    Candidate Forum 6/22


Anne McEnerny-Ogle Ab  NWPC
2021: National Women's Political Caucus Endorsed, Campaign WebsiteFacebook, I 2017: National Women's Political Caucus Endorsed,  Campaign Website,  Campaign Facebook,  Facebook,  I 2013: 
Naral: 100% Pro-Choice, FUSE Recommendation, Campaign Website, Facebook  I  2011: Pro-Abortion Endorsement, NWPC Campaign Donation, Campaign Website

Earl Bowerman   Ab  LBC  PI  M  RM
2021: Pro Life StatementCampaign WebsiteFacebook,   I  2018:  Survey Response, Campaign Website, Campaign Facebook, Campaign YouTube, Facebook

Doug Coop     Ab  CG  LBC  PP  CRT  LP  SE  PR  PI  SCh  H  CPr   RA
2021: Survey Response Campaign Website, Facebook,

Scott Silveria   Withdrawn
2021: LinkedIn,

Council Pos. 1        CVTV Interviews 7/4

John Blom  RM
2021:  Campaign Website FacebookFB Likes,  I  2020: Marijuana Vote
,  PDC ComplaintCampaign Website,  Campaign Facebook,   Facebook,  I  2016: Campaign Website,  Campaign Facebook,   Facebook,  Facebook Likes  

Justin Forsman   Ab  LBC  PI  RM   LifePac Recommended
2021: Campaign Website Facebook, FB Likes,  I 
2020: Survey Response Family Policy Institute Action Endorsed, iVoterGuidePro Drug Initiative, Campaign WebsiteFacebook,  I   2019: Survey ResponseCampaign WebsiteFacebookColumbian 5/27,  I  2017: Survey Response, Campaign Website, Campaign Facebook,  Facebook  I  2016: Survey Response, Campaign Website, Campaign Facebook I   2015:  Survey Response, Campaign Website, Facebook, Columbian Article 

Kim Harless   Ab  NWPC  PP
2021: Planned Parenthood FB Like,  National Women's Political Caucus Endorsed,
 Campaign Website, Facebook, FB Likes,

Mike Pond   SM
2021: Campaign Website Sexual Morality, Campaign Twitter,  Facebook, Campaign Twitter,  I 
2019: Sexual Morality, Campaign Website   Campaign Twitter   Facebook  I  2015:  Progressive Voters Guide Endorsement,  Campaign Website   Campaign Twitter   Facebook 

Council Pos. 2     

Erik Paulsen *
2021:  Campaign Website,  Campaign Facebook, 2019: Campaign Website,  Campaign FacebookFacebookCouncil AppointmentFuse Bio

Kara Tess   Ab
2021: Abortion, Campaign Website, Facebook,

Tami Martin
2021: Foster Children/Campaign Statement,

Council Pos. 3         Columbian 7/18    CVTV Interviews 7/4

David Gellatly
2021:  Campaign Website Facebook 2020: Columbian 10/10/17,  Report Facebook

Diana Perez  Ab  NWPC
2021: National Women's Political Caucus Endorsed, Campaign Website Campaign Facebook Facebook,  I  2019: Planned Parenthood Endorsement,  NWPC Endorsement,  Campaign Website
Glen Yung

2021: Campaign Website, Campaign Facebook, Facebook,

  City of Battle Ground     
Current Council

Council Pos. 1     

Brian Munson *
2021: Candidate Website,  I  2017: Facebook?,

Troy McCoy
2021:  BG Sex Ed Vote, Candidate Website,

Council Pos. 4     

Adrian CortesRM
2021: Campaign FacebookFacebook,  I  2015:  Marijuana Vote   I   2012: Survey Response, Campaign Website   Re-enters 18th District Race

Josh VanGelder   Ab  CG  LP  DQ  SOB  RM  PP  CP   LifePac Recommended
2021: Survey Response,  Campaign Facebook Facebook, 2019: Survey ResponseCampaign FacebookFacebookTwitter

Council Pos. 5     

Neil Butler
2021: Campaign Website,  Campaign Facebook, Facebook, LinkedIn,  I  2019: Campaign Facebook,  LinkedIn,

Tricia Davis
2021: Campaign Website,  Facebook, FB Likes,

Council Pos. 6     

Cherish DesRochers *
2021: Campaign Website, Campaign Facebook,  Facebook,  I  2017:  Facebook,  I  2013: NWPC Endorsement, Facebook

Josie Calderon
2021: Facebook, FB Likes,

  City of Camas     
Current Council    Post Record 7/22


Steven Hogan   RM
2021: Marijuana Sales Statement,  Lacamas Magazine May 2021,  Campaign WebsiteFacebook Facebook Likes,  I  2017:  Facebook  I  2015:  Marijuana Vote  I  2013: Facebook

Jennifer Senescu   RM
2021:  Marijuana Sales Statement Campaign Website FB Likes Facebook Lacamas Magazine May 2021,

Council, Ward 1, Pos 2     
    P/R 7/29     CCT 7/14     LWV Forum 7/10

Marilyn Dale-Boerke
2021: Campaign Website, Twitter, LinkedIn,

Shawn High
2021: LinkedIn, Facebook Post Record Jan 31, 2019,

Geoerl Niles    Ab  CG  LBC  PP  RM  SOB  CRT  LP  CPr  H  RA 
2021: Survey Response, Campaign Website, Facebook, Twitter, Employment Website,

Gary Perman  Ab  CG  LP  DQ  SOB  PP  CP
2021:  Survey ResponseCampaign Website,   I  2009: Survey Response, Campaign Website

Council Ward 2, Pos 2     

Martin Elzingre
2021: Campaign Website YouTube Channel Strava Athletic, LinkedIn,

Tim Hein   RM   LifePac Recommended
2021: Survey ResponseCampaign Website, Facebook, I  2015: Marijuana,

Council Ward 3, Pos 2
    P/R 7/29      LWV Forum 7/10

Jennifer McDaniel   Ab  LBC  RM
2021: Statement, Campaign Facebook, Facebook, FB Likes,   I  2007 Survey Response, Campaign Website

Alicia King   Ab  SM
2021:  Planned Parenthood Facebook LikesPride Month FB Post,  Campaign Website, Campaign Facebook,

Leslie Lewallen  SM
2021: FB Post, FB Post, Detox Interview,  FB Like, Campaign Website, Campaign Facebook Facebook, FB Likes,

John Svilarich 
2021:  1996 Parks ActivismCampaign WebsiteLinkedIn,  I  2005: Post Record excerpt

  City of La Center    
Current Council   Columbian 7/18    LWV Forum 7/15

Council Pos. 1         

Melissa Fox
2021: Business Website,

Justin Keeler
2021: Facebook FB Likes

Myrna Leija
2021: Campaign Website

Ron Ostrander  Ab  CG  PP  LP  DQ   RM  CP  RA
2021: Survey Response,  I 2007: Survey Response,

Craig Whited
2021:  LinkedIn,

Council Pos. 2     

Dennis Hill *
2021: Campaign Website

Kimberlee Elbon
2021: Vote Wa Statement,

KC Kasberg
2021: Campaign Website

David Nelson

Council Pos. 3         CCT 7/21

T.R. "Randy" Williams *

Sean Boyle


Palmer Davis   Ab  RM
2021: Recreational Marijuana Statement, Abortion Blog Post,  Personal Journal, Campaign Website, Facebook,  FB Likes,

Janice Fowler
2021: Campaign Website

  City of Ridgefield     
Current Council   Marijuana Study Session 4/27/21

Council Pos. 1     

Ron Onslow *   RM    Write In Candidate Recommended
2021: Marijuana Comments MP3 (41:00)Facebook,  I  2013: Columbian, Columbian,

Council Pos. 4     

Don Stose *

Council Pos. 6     

Jennifer Lindsay *   RM    LifePac Recommended
2021: Marijuana Comments MP3 (47:00)Campaign Facebook,  Facebook,   I 
2019: Facebook, I  2018: Appointed to Council 123,
Ken Spurlock
2021: Facebook, FB Likes Work Facebook,

  City of Vancouver     See Above

  City of Washougal       Current Council

Council Pos. 1 (Mayor)     LWV Forum 7/10     Columbian 6/16

Derik Ford

2021: P/R 7/23, 7/22, 7/1,  Campaign WebsiteCampaign Facebook Facebook, LinkedIn,

Paul Greenlee   RM 
2021: Campaign Website I  2016:  Marijuana Vote  I  2014:  Invocation  I  2013:  Campaign Website   Facebook  FB Likes   I  2009: Campaign Website I 2007: Domestic Partner Benefits

Rochelle Ramos
2021: Campaign WebsiteFacebook,

Council Pos. 3     

David Stuebe
2021:  Facebook LinkedIn,

Council Pos. 5     

Molly Coston *   Ab
Facebook,  I  2017:  National Women's Political Caucus Endorsed, NWPC Campaign Donations, Marijuana, Campaign Website, Facebook, 2011 Planned Parenthood Statement, Invocation Complaint, Contributions to Campaign  I  2015:  Women's Political Caucus Endorsement, Past Chapter President of Pro Abortion League of Women Voters, Marijuana Sales, Facebook  I  2011: Pro Planned Parenthood Statement, Women's Political Caucus Endorsement, Campaign Website, Facebook  I 2007: Domestic Partner City Employment Benefits

Chris de la Rocha
2021: Campaign Website, Campaign Facebook,

Council Pos. 6              

Julie Russell *   Ab   LifePac Recommended
2021: Facebook, Work Facebook FB Likes,  I  2017: Survey Response, Post Record 10/26/17, Post Record 7/28/17 (2), Campaign Website

  City of Woodland    
Current Council

Council Pos. 1     

Keith Bellisle   Ab
 Facebook,  I  2019: Facebook, I 2017: Survey Response, Campaign Facebook, Facebook I 2013:  Facebook 

J. J. Burke   Ab
2021: Facebook, I  2013: TDN 10/19,  
2011: Reflector 10/12,  Campaign Website  I  2005: Returned Survey

Council Pos. 2     

Carol Rounds *
2021:  Facebook,   I  2017:  Facebook,    FB Likes,   

Council Pos. 3     

David Plaza *
2021:  Facebook, FB Likes,   I 
Campaign Facebook,  Facebook,  FB Likes,

Council Pos. 6     

Aaron Berghaus
2021: Facebook,

Jenn Rowland
2021: Campaign Facebook,

  Town of Yacolt    
Current Council    

Council Pos. 2     

Michelle Dawson *

Council Pos. 3     

Joshua Beck *
2021: Campaign Website

Ronald Homola

Rhonda Rowe-Tice


  Court of Appeals, Division 2, District 3 

Bernard Veljacic *

  Clark Co Superior Court 
 Pos 5 

Camara Banfield *

Pos 11

Emily Sheldrick *

  School Districts     Survey Questions   Critical Race Theory   Social Equity

  Battle Ground School Dist. #119  
   Current Board  

District No. 1     

Mary Snitily *   Ab  CRT  SCl  1619  RM  PP
2021: Survey Response, Clark Co Today 3/4/21, Facebook,

Devin Scroggins   Ab   CRT  CSE  SEq  PR 
2021: Survey ResponseSWWEd Survey Facebook,

Chloe Seppala   CRT  CSE  SEq  PR 
2021:  SWWEd Survey Family Freedom CoalitionCampaign Website,

John Siemssen Sr.
2021: Facebook, FB Likes,

District No. 3        

Ted Champine   CRT  CSE  SEq  PR 
2021: Survey ResponseSWWEd SurveyCampaign Website,

Tori Denfeld
2021: Tori Has Withdrawn

Diane Langan

District No. 5     

Jackie Maddux *   CRT  CSE  SE
2021:  SWWEd Survey Appointment 7/2020,

Jenny Price   CRT  CSE  SEq  PR 
2021:  SWWEd Survey Family Freedom Coalition Campaign Website,

  Camas School Dist. #117  
   Current Board   CRT Docs 1, 2, 3, 4 Critical Race Theory   Social Equity

District No. 1     

Corey McEnry * CRT  SEq
2021: Critical Race Theory Votes 1, 2 WEA EndorsedCampaign Website, Facebook, FB Likes, YouTube Channel, LinkedIn,

Ernie Geigenmiller   LifePac Recommended
2021: Candidate Website, Facebook, FB Likes,

District No. 2     

Erika Cox *  Ab  NWPC  CRT  SEq
2021:  National Women's Political Caucus Endorsed,  Critical Race Theory Votes 1, 2 WEA Endorsed, Campaign Website, LinkedIn, Camas Watch 5/1/20,  I  2019:   I 2018: Appointment 123, I 2013: MarriageSex Ed, Facebook, Campaign Facebook,  Campaign Blog,  Personal BlogInterview Video

Kenric Thompson   CRT   Withdrawn
2021: Lacamas Magazine May 2021, Dan Bongino Show (19:00) LinkedIn,

Jeremiah Stephen   LifePac Recommended
2021:  LinkedIn Facebook FB Friends FB Likes,

  Evergreen School Dist. #114  
   Current Board   LWV Forum 7/17

District No. 1     

Julie Bocanegra *   Ab  NWPC  CRT  SEq
2021:  National Women's Political Caucus Endorsed,  Critical Race Theory Vote Campaign Website, Campaign Facebook, Facebook, FB Likes
,  I  2017:  National Women's Political Caucus Endorsed  Facebook,  FB Likes,

Raelynne Altree   CRT  SEq  1619  Ab  R/I  LBC  PP  SCl  SE  SCh  RM
2021: Survey Response, Family Freedom Coalition, Facebook

Mike Appel   CRT  SEq  1619  Ab  R/I  LBC  PP  SCl  SE  SCh  RM
2021: Survey ResponseSWWEd Survey Campaign Facebook, Facebook,

District No. 5     

Ginny Gronwoldt *   Ab  NWPC  CRT  SEq
2021:  National Women's Political Caucus Endorsed,   Critical Race Theory Vote,  Facebook FB Like
s,  I  2017: National Women's Political Caucus Endorsed,   Campaign Facebook,   Facebook, 

Amanda Breck   CRT  CSE  SEq   LifePac Recommended
2021: Campaign Website SWWEd Survey,  Family Freedom Coalition, Campaign Facebook, Facebook

  Green Mountain School Dist # 103  
   Current Board  

Position No. 2     

Cameron Tormanen *

Position No. 3     

Kent Furman *

  Hockinson School Dist #98  
   Current Board  

District No. 1  

Tim Hawkins *
2021: Board Biography,

Bill Eling   CRT  CSE  SEq 
2021: SWWEd Survey, Campaign Website, Law Practice,

Teresa VanNatta
2021: Campaign Website, Liberal Promotion,

District No. 2     

Patrick Carter

  La Center School Dist #101  
   Current Board  

District No. 2     

Todd Jones *

District No. 3     

Win Muffett *

  Mt. Pleasant School Dist #029-93  
   Current Board  

Position No. 1     

Nancy L Kraus *

Position No. 2     

Position No. 5     

Kate Stiles *

  Ridgefield School Dist #122  
   Current Board  

District No. 1     

Emily Enquist *
2021: Facebook?,

District No. 4     

Donna Farnsworth

District No. 5     

Zenia Bringhurst *
2021: Appointment (2020) Facebook

Chantel Nash


  Vancouver School Dist #37  
  Current Board     LWV Forum 7/17

Position No. 2            
Columbian 7/12

Sandra Zavala-Ortega Ab  NWPC
2021:  National Women's Political Caucus Endorsed,  Campaign Website, Liberal Promotion, WEA Endorsed,

Michelle Belkot   CSE  CRT  1619   Ab  R/I  CG  SCl  PI  RM  PP
2021: Survey Response SWWEd Survey CCSPU Endorsement, Campaign Facebook, Facebook,

Kathleen OClaire
2021: Campaign Facebook, Facebook, FB Likes,

Chartisha Roberts   Ab  NWPC
2021:  National Women's Political Caucus Endorsed,  Campaign Website, Campaign Facebook, Facebook,

Position No. 3     

Wendy Smith *   Ab  NWPC  CRT  SEq
2021:  National Women's Political Caucus Endorsed,  Vote For Critical Race Theory Based Policy,  WEA Endorsed, Campaign Website, Campaign Facebook, Facebook, FB Like
,  I  2017: Campaign Facebook,   FB Likes,

Jorge Bailey   CRT  SEq  1619  Ab  R/I  LBC  PR  PP  SCl  CSE  SCh  RM
2021: Survey Response, SWWEd Survey,  Family Freedom Coalition,  Campaign Website,  Campaign Facebook, Facebook, FB Likes,

Megan Gabriel   CRT  SEq  1619  Ab  R/I  LBC  PR  PP  SCl  CSE  SCh  RM
2021: Survey Response,  Family Freedom Coalition,  CCSPU Endorsement, Campaign Website,  Campaign Facebook Facebook, FB Likes,

  Washougal School Dist #112-6     Current Board   Critical Race Theory Doc

District No. 3     

Donna Sinclair *  Ab  NWPC  CRT  SE 
2021: Board Equity Statement based on Critical Race Theory, National Women's Political Caucus Endorsed,
WEA Endorsed, Campaign Website, Facebook,  I  2020: National Women's Political Caucus Endorsed, iVoterGuide, Campaign Website, Campaign Facebook, Facebook, FB Likes, I 2017: National Women's Political Caucus Endorsed, Planned Parenthood and other FB Likes, Campaign Facebook, Facebook, Post Record 4/20/17, WSU,

Sadie McKenzie    LifePac Recommended
2021: Campaign WebsiteIssue Statements, Facebook,

Traci Kay Williams

District No. 5         Post Record 7/8

Chuck Carpenter CRT
2021:  Board Equity Statement based on Critical Race Theory, WEA Endorsed, Appointment 10/20,

Janice D'Aloia   CRT  CSE  RA   LifePac Recommended
2021: SWWEd Survey Family Freedom Coalition,  Campaign Website, Facebook, Facebook LikesReligious Affiliation

  Woodland School Dist #404-102  
   Current Board  

District No. 4     

Tammy Graham *

Trish Huddleston   CRT 
2021: SWWEd Survey Family Freedom Coalition Campaign Website,

District No. 5     

Tom Guthrie *

Eric Child

  Ports     Survey Questions

  Port of Camas-Washougal    Current Commissioners    

District No. 1     

John SpencerRM
2021: Facebook,  FB Likes,  I  2017:  Marijuana, Campaign Website, Facebook, FB Likes  I  2015:  Port Appointment

District No. 3     

Larry Keister *
2021:  Facebook, FB Likes,  I  2017: Campaign Facebook,  Facebook,  Port Appointment,
Jeramy Wilcox
2021: Campaign Facebook, Facebook, FB Likes,

  Port of Ridgefield  
  Current Commissioners

District No. 3     

Joe Melroy *

  Port of Vancouver     Current Commissioners

District No. 2    

Eric LaBrant *
2021:  Campaign Website,  Campaign Facebook Facebook,  I  2015:  Progressive Majority Endorsement,  Campaign Website, 

Greg Seifert
2021: Campaign Website Campaign FacebookFacebook LinkedIn,