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Resolution No. 6365 (also below) - A Resolution of The Evergreen School District No. 114 Board of Directors Condemning Racism and Committing to Being an Anti-Racist School District
June 30, 2020

4. Matters Reserved for Board Action
Action (Consent: Information: A. Resolution No. 6365 - A Resolution of The Evergreen Public School Board of Directors Condemning Racism and Committing to Being an Anti-Racist School District

Director Bocanegra shared listed under Matters Reserved for Board Action is the Board's resolution condemning racism.


Director Bradford read the resolution and stated an equity resolution was shared in 2017, but the Board felt it needed to be a stronger statement, and this resolution fits our commitment to equity and inclusion. She shared she was pleased by the support of Cabinet administrators during the process. "As we continue to move forward, it is very important for the public and staff to know how we feel. It is an expectation. This resolution is reflective of the work we have been undertaking over the last several years. We believe it is important for our staff, students, family, and the public to have our comprehensive statement of beliefs and expectations in one place."

Director Gronwoldt shared there was a lot of work and input creating this resolution. We sign the resolution, but that is not where it stops. We are committed to ensuring there is equity in our schools. The work begins.

Director Rogers expressed she likes the statements, call to action, and is proud to be a member of a board that feels this way.

Director Perkins shared his process in editing the proclamation and the importance of the Board's strong position. 

Directors Bocanegra expressed she is thankful for the work, and reiterated the district’s commitment to the urgency of the work needed with the start of an equity audit later this summer. “I am glad we have the resolution now in place, but now we must turn the resolution’s words into action.”

Action (Consent): B. Motion to Approve Resolution No. 6365
Director Rogers moved, seconded by Director Gronwoldt, to approve the Board Resolution No. 6365. The motion was approved unanimously.

LifePac Commentary: Resolution 6365 uses foundational concepts of Marxist inspired Critical Race Theory, including the deconstruction of supposed systemic, institutional racism (culture war), class warfare of oppressors and oppressed, and the correction of injustices by means of rigorous equity practices to produce equal educational outcomes.  The foundational social and political concept of Equality has an opposite meaning as that of Equity, which in sociology, is a welfare related term.

Resolution No. 6365: 
Resolution no. 6365