Life Issues / Family Ethics Political Action Committee
of Southwest Washington

Ron Ostrander
2021 La Center City Council Candidate

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Survey Response:

Planned parenthood:   I'm ignorant about planned parenthood.  What about parents of kids doing their own planning? Anyway, planned parenthood needs to be accountable to God and man.

Faith based neighbors.  No, I'm not a member of any synagogue or church.  However, I can work with any religion for a public good cause.  After all, what religion is God?
Collaboration of govt.  and faith based charities.  Is government really recognizing religious liberty?  I know of some faith based homeless shelters that get no government funds because of their Biblical commitments.  This shelter I support.

Support for civic prayer:   Yes.  One thing I would like to see in the city council chambers is 'In God We Trust.'  This only denotes God not any specific religion.  

Common good:  Not 100% sure of this question.  However, I will never promote anything, public or private, that is degrading.  Hope this answers it.

Public library porn:   Of course I oppose porn in ANY public facililty.  Often times common sense can define porn. Pornography does not need public support.

Drag queen story hours:  Let me be honest; I've never heard of this.  Thus I have no opinion.  It appears much is going beyond the scope of a public library.  To me, a public library is about research.  Try writing a historical novel sometime.  A good librarian is worth his/her weight in gold.   From the library downtown I took a Chinese class.  In fact, I got so good I got my Chinese teacher a regular job. Should a library promote porn, whatever, then shut them down and save the money.

Sexual orientated business: Yes, I would work vigorously to regulate them through zoning or anything else.  

Recreational pot:   Oppose

Abortion:  Life begins at conception.  However, abortions should be acceptable in cases where the mother's life is at stake or rape.

Goals:  Want to have a fully funded and accountable police dept.  Also, would also not like to hire high price consultants who don't even live here.  Likely better and cheaper talent is right here.

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