Life Issues / Family Ethics Political Action Committee of Southwest Washington

LifePac Candidate Coding / Issues


Color coding uses green (good: agrees with LifePac's position), and red (bad: opposed to LifePac's position).  Gray means issue is not assessed or candidate's position is unclear.  Coding applies only to the information presented, and does not indicate support or opposition from LifePac unless explicitly stated.

* = Incumbent or a rating with qualifications
1619 = 1619 Project
Ab = Abortion
FSE = Flash Sex Ed
GF = Government Form
GI = 
Gender Ideology
H = Homelessness
HC = Human Cloning
HLA = Human Life Amendment
HLP = 
Human Life PAC
HI = Health Insurance
IVF = In-vitro Fertilization
LBC = Life Begins At Conception
LP = Library Porn

LTA = Late Term Abortions
M = Marriage Preservation
MSR = Mainstream Republicans
N = Naral
NRTL = National Right to Life
National Women's Political Caucus
P = Poverty
PAS = Physician Assisted Suicide
PBA = Partial Birth Abortion
PD = 
Public Decency
PI = Parental Involvement
PM = Progressive Majority
PN = Parental Notification of Abortion

PP = Planned Parenthood
PR = Parental Rights
PS = Public Safety
R/I = Rape / Incest Exception
RA = Religious Affiliation
RF = Religious Freedom
RM = Recreational Marijuana

RvW = Roe v. Wade Reversal

SM = Sexual Morality
SCh = School Choice
SCl = School Clinics

SE = Sex Ed
SLS = Schools
SB = Sex-Oriented Business
TFA = Taxpayer Funding of Abortion
TG = Trangenerism
UR = Ultrasounds Required

UVV = Unborn Victims of Violence

W = Winner
WEA = Washington Education Association
WSPC = Washington State Progressive Caucus