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A RESOLUTION of the Board of Directors of Vancouver School District No. 37, Clark County, Washington
Condemning Racism and Establishing Policy Directives on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Excellence in Education
Oct 13, 2020

Meeting Minutes

Resolution No. 869
Vancouver Public Schools launches equity initiative, June 11, 2020
Clark Co Today: Vancouver Public Schools Board resolution condemns racism, promises equity process, October 22, 2020 


 LifePac Commentary: Resolution 869 uses foundational concepts of Marxist inspired Critical Race Theory, including the deconstruction of supposed systemic, institutional racism (culture war), class warfare of oppressors and oppressed, and the correction of injustices by means of rigorous equity practices to produce equal educational outcomes.  The foundational social and political concept of Equality has an opposite meaning as that of Equity, which in sociology, is a welfare related term.

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