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“We’re Done Wearing Masks” – Brave Students Across Washington State Protest Masks in Schools (VIDEO)
Gateway Pundit, Feb 9, 2022

Washougal students protest state’s mask mandates 'Freedom Fighters of Washougal' go viral on Twitter; say they'll continue to miss school until state changes public health rules
Post Record, Feb 3, 2022

Pissed Off Mom Goes Off On Washougal School Board For Lack Of Ethics Concerning Mandates And More
YouTube, Aug 24, 2021

Proud Boy Shames All Of The Men During Washougal School Board Meeting For Not Standing Up & Calls Out Liar
YouTube, Aug 24, 2021

"You Have Become My Domestic Enemy" - Mom To Corrupt School Board
YouTube Video, Aug 12, 2021

Navy veteran Patti Bellamy lashes out at the Washougal, Washington, school board over their mask mandates and racist CRT policies.

Washougal School Board Endorses Racist CRT Curriculum, 07Jun 2021

Hundreds of concerned parents have recently spoken out in disapproval of CRT (Critical Race Theory) in the Washougal School Curriculum. However, the Washougal school board has evaded this public scrutiny by dodging questions and feigning ignorance. While the Washougal, Washington School Board has publicly claimed that it does not endorse CRT, it is simultaneously pushing an agenda which judges children by the color of their skin and other immutable characteristics. Publicly, the school board claims to not even know what CRT is. Despite this, the school board seeks to divide students up by color and socioeconomic status. The following diagram was taken from a Washougal School District Meeting.


Hundreds rally at Washougal schools meeting against masks, equity policy change
Large crowd gathers ahead of Tuesday's board meeting
Columbian, May 25, 2021

... At Tuesday’s meeting, several spoke during public comment in favor of and against the district’s equity, diversity and inclusion policy revision, which got a second reading by board members. Board Director Jim Cooper stated the proposed revision is “simple and makes sense” and quoted a line from the policy that aims to “create an environment where all individuals are welcomed, respected, accepted and valued as members of the school community.”

He concluded his comments by stating: “To the members of the community who oppose our equity policy, I have the following to say: If you believe the district policy should not provide equal opportunities [equal and equitable opportunities are opposites in meaning] for every child, regardless of family income or structure, language, race, religion, etc., or the district policy should not welcome and respect every child or if you think every district teacher and staff member should not be engaged in helping to create such an equitable educational environment, then we will have to agree to disagree.”     
 See LifePac's page on Social Equity for further information


May 2021

Equity Statement

Archived Copy

"Statement on Equity and Anti-Racism from the Washougal School District Board of Directors, Superintendent Dr. Mary Templeton, and the District’s Leadership Team"

Statement includes Marxist inspired Critical Race Theory concepts of oppressed and oppressor classes: "The Washougal School District believes that we have a responsibility to disrupt unjust educational systems that perpetuate inequitable opportunities and outcomes for students ... We believe that our students who have experienced systemic injustice ... We are committed to engaging in courageous conversations about equity, race, and diversity"


State group honors Washougal educator
WHS teacher rewarded for ‘dedication to racial, social, economic justice’
Post Record, March 25, 2021

Washougal educator Charlotte Lartey, recently named the recipient of the Washington Education Association Human and Civil Rights Committee’s 2020-21 Elaine Akagi Cultural Awareness award, has not had an easy year.
Lartey says her nearly push for more anti-racist training and policies at the Washougal School District and for more accountability from district leaders, has led to many sleepless nights.
For the sake of her mental health, Lartey took a leave of absence from her job as a Washougal High School teacher earlier this school year.
“Deciding to step away from my classroom, when our students (were) struggling so much in this pandemic, was such a hard decision for me,” she said.
Now, Lartey is back in the classroom and honored to receive the state education association’s cultural awareness award.



Washougal School District pushes for equity in classrooms
Assistant superintendent Aaron Hansen: ‘It's so clear to me now that we have to act’
Post Record, September 3, 2020

Aaron Hansen knows the Washougal School District can no longer wait to improve its equity policies. He’s reminded of that fact every time he watches or reads a news report about racism, police brutality and social injustice in the United States.

“We know things have been happening in this country for hundreds of years,” said Hansen, WSD’s assistant superintendent of human resources and student services. “For myself personally, seeing these events occurring in society, it’s so clear to me now that we have to act. We just have to act.”