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Library Bond - LifePac Opposed

Because of library policy that allows unfiltered Internet access to pornography, both viewing and printing, to any patron 17 and older using monitors sunken into desk tops and under hoods, in libraries full of kids, LifePac opposes the Fort Vancouver Regional Library Bond measure which will add 100 more patron computers.  No for Now!  Click here for more information.
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Clark County

Candidate Information



County Commissioner (Current Commissioners)
District No. 3 Tom Mielke - LifePac Recommendation Returned Survey, Reflector Debate, Past Election Information, Family Status, News Article, Candidate's Website
  Steve Stuart - LifePac Opposed - Winner Pro Abortion Progressive Majority Endorsement, D.C. Based Progressive Majority Spends $74K+ in support of Stuart, CVTV Promotion Complaint, Family Status, Reflector Debate, News Article, LifePac Commentary, Candidate's Website, Contributions To Stuart Campaign
Superior Court (Current Judges)
Judge - Dept. No. 9 Robert A. Lewis General Information


City of Vancouver (Current Council)
Mayor Royce E. Pollard   LifePac Caution - Winner News Articles, General Information, Library Board Recommendation Info, Past Election Information

Charles P. Stemper   High Pro- Life / Family Positions

Returned Survey, Candidate Website, Columbian Survey, General Information
Council Pos. 1 Pat Jollota   LifePac Opposed - Winner Pro Abortion Women's Political Caucus Endorsement, Candidate Comments , News Article, General Information
  Pat Campbell   LifePac Caution Past Election Information, General Information
 Council Pos. 2 Eric Olmsted   LifePac Caution Democracy For Vancouver Support, General Information, Candidate's Website
  Jeanne E. Stewart  LifePac Recommendation - Winner News Article, General Information
Council Pos. 3 Jeanne Harris   LifePac Opposed - Winner News Article, 2004 Election Information, Commentary
  Bob Gaylor   Of Interest Letter From Candidate, Candidate's Website
City of Battle Ground (Current Council)
Council Pos. 1 Michael J. Ciraulo - Winner General Information
Council Pos. 4 Lisa Walters - Winner General Information
Council Pos. 5 Alexander Reinhold Jr. - Winner General Information
  David E. Agar  
Council Pos. 6  William J. Ganley - Winner General Information
City of Camas (Current Council)
Council Ward 1 Melissa A. Smith - Winner General Information
Council Ward 3 Steven C. "Steve" Hogan - Winner News Articles (3)
  Tanya Alexandra Peterson News Articles (2)
Council Ward 5 Scott Higgins - Winner General Information
City of La Center (Current Council)
Council Pos. 1 Mike Nolan News Article, Voter's Pamphlet Quote
   Bill Birdwell Jr - Winner News Article
Council Pos. 2 Bob Smith - Winner  
Council Pos. 3 Troy Van Dinter - Winner  
City of Ridgefield (Current Council)
Council Pos. 1 Scott Hanson - Winner General Information
  Michael Hefflin  
Council Pos. 4 Chad Sessions - Winner  
City of Washougal (Current Council)
Mayor George Jeffrey Guard City Council Vote Information, LifePac Commentary, News Articles (2)
  Stacee S. Sellers - Winner City Council Vote Information, News Articles (2)
Council Pos. 1 Mary Anne Bosley - Winner  
Council Pos. 3 Mary R. Hargrave - Winner  
Council Pos. 5 Nikki J. Costa - Winner  
Council Pos. 6 Lou Peterson - Winner City Council Vote Information
Council At-Large Molly Coston - Winner  
City of Woodland (Current Council)
Council Pos. 1 John "JJ" Burke   High Pro- Life / Family Positions - Winner Returned Survey
  Barbara Ann Karnis  
Council Pos. 2 Darwin K. Rounds - Winner  
Council Pos. 3 Al Swindell    LifePac Caution Pro Abortion Organization Committee Member, General Information
  Bruce Summers, Jr. - Winner General Information
Council Pos. 4 Erica L. Rainford  
  Corey D. Huffine  
Town of Yacolt
Mayor Pilar "Kit" Raanes News Articles (2)
  Joe Warren - Winner News Articles (2)
Council Pos. 2  James Weldon  LifePac Recommendation - Winner Returned Survey, 2003 Election Information
Council Pos. 3  Karen Holyk - Winner  
Council Pos. 5  Cindy Marbut   High Pro- Life / Family Positions - Winner Returned Survey
Vancouver School Dist #37 (Current Board)
Position No. 2 David W. Christel - Winner  
Position No. 3 Edward H. Rankin - Winner  
Position No. 4 Mark F. Stoker General Information
  Edri Geiger   Of Interest - Winner Returned Survey, General Information
Battle Ground School Dist. #119 (Current Board)
District No. 1 Frederick Striker - Winner  
District No. 3 John Karvonen  
  Richard C. Kent - Winner  
District No. 5 Cecil Schlecht   Of Interest Comment From Opposition Candidate
  Mark E. Pelletier   Reportedly Withdrawn Comment From Candidate
Camas School Dist. #117 (Current Board)
District No. 1 Casey O'Dell - Winner  
District No. 2 Mel Cardon   LifePac Recommendation - Winner Returned Survey
District No. 3 Connie Hennessey - Winner  
District No. 4 Douglas A. Quinn - Winner General Information
  John Svilarich General Information
District No. 5 Gary Tipton - Winner  
Evergreen School Dist. #114 (Current Board)
District No. 1 Troy E. Thomas - Winner  
District No. 5 Holly Williams - Winner  
Green Mountain School Dist # 103
Position No. 2 Garren Elmer - Winner  
Position No. 3 Sandra E. Ferneding - Winner  
Position No. 5  Wendy Arends - Winner  
Hockinson School Dist #98 (Current Board)
District No. 1 Tim Podhora News Article
  Erik O. Mattson   LifePac Recommendation - Winner Returned Survey, News Article, Current Incumbent
District No. 2 Deborah Stavig - Winner  
La Center School Dist #101 (Current Board)
District No. 2 Melissa A. Miller - Winner  
District No. 3 Bob Taylor - Winner  
Mt. Pleasant School Dist #029-93
Position No. 1 Steve Carroll - Winner  
Position No. 2 Shannon Sharp   High Pro- Life / Family Positions Returned Survey
  De Nelson - Winner  
Position No. 5 Peggy Carroll - Winner  
Ridgefield School Dist #122 (Current Board)
District No. 1 VaNessa L. Duplessie   High Pro- Life / Family Positions Returned Survey, Candidate's Website, General Information
  Matthew T. Swindell - Winner General Information
District No. 4 Julie E. Olson - Winner News Article
  Kathy Koller News Article
Washougal School Dist #112-6 (Current Board)
District No. 2 Elaine Pfeifer - Winner  
District No. 3 Garry Hobbs Alexander Sr   Of Interest - Winner City Council Vote Information
District No. 5  Ron Dinius - Winner  
Woodland School Dist #404-102 (Current Board)
District No. 3 Saundra Tone - Winner  
District No. 4 Bill Woodard - Winner  
District No. 5 Steve Bosen - Winner  


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