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Use the web resources below to better understand Marxist inspired Critical Race Theory (CRT), where supposed oppressor and oppressed classes are used to create conflict.  LifePac supports the respect for all human life.

DC School Board Approves Curriculum Centered on Critical Race Theory, Washington Free Beacon, June 23, 2023

Steve Turley: Bill Maher SHUTS DOWN Far-Leftist in CRT Debate!!! Nov 10, 2021

Fox News: American Medical Association pushes pro-critical race theory materials in 'Health Equity' guide, Nov 10, 2021

World: Employees: “Equity” training was anything but Two recent lawsuits challenge race-based education, August 24, 2021

The Equity Collaborative: Introduction to Critical Race Theory, May 7, 2020

Larry Sand: The One Hundred Year Road to Critical Race Theory, August 16, 2021 

YouTube: Derrick Wilburn, Colorado Springs District 49 School Board meeting, Aug 12, 2021

Southwest Washington Education: CRT in public schools – 1984 is here, August 17, 2021

Christopher Rufo: Critical Race Theory’s Chief Marketing Officer (Ibram X. Kendi), July 23, 2021

Christopher Rufo: At least 25 public school districts in 12 states are now teaching "Not My Idea," a book that claims "whiteness" is the devil, luring children with the promise of "stolen land [and] stolen riches." July 8, 2021

100% Fed Up: America’s Largest Teachers Union of 3 Million Declares War on Parents Who Oppose Critical Race Theory Forcing It Into K-12 Schools, Jul 5, 2021

Real Clear Politics: Stop Gaslighting Parents on Critical Race Theory, June 28, 2021

George Will: A teacher pushes back against K-12 critical race theory indoctrination, June 23, 2021

WSJ Opinion: Critical Race Theory Is the Opposite of Education. It’s more of a religion. Its practitioners reject the idea of evaluating the merits of competing ideas, June 21, 2021

Simon Campbell: Irate Parent: Call for Pennsbury School District's Director of Equity & Diversity, Cherrissa Gibson, to be Fired, Jun 18, 2021

New Discourses: Land Acknowledgment Statements - The Cultural Violence of the Academic Elite, Apr 5, 2021

Center for Renewing America: List - Critical Race Theory Terms, May 25, 2021

The Reason We Learn Video: They're Not Teaching Critical Theory, They're Using Critical Pedagogy, Jun 22, 2021

YouTube: 'Leftish Agenda In Class': 15-Year-Old High School Student Exposes Critical Race Theory In Speech, Jun 17, 2021

The Daily Wire: ‘This Is About Power’: Black Theologian Voddie T. Baucham Exposes ‘Demonic Ideology’ Behind CRT, BLM, Antiracism, Jun 16, 2021

Post Millennial With Video: Illinois father gives STRONG rebuke of critical race theory at local school board meeting, Jun 17, 2021

Breitbart: Poll: 58% of Americans Hold ‘Unfavorable’ View of Critical Race Theory, 38% ‘Favorable’, 16 Jun 2021

Revolver Article with Videos: How An Army of Pissed-Off Moms Are Single-Handedly Destroying The Left’s Marxist Plot, June 12, 2021 

Gateway Pundit: Mother Who Fled Mao’s China Destroys Democrat School Board’s Racist Critical Race Theory Indoctrination (Video), June 10, 2021 Critical Race Theory Briefing Book, 2021?

YouTube: What is Critical Race Theory? A James Lindsay, Michael Rectenwald Roundtable, Oct 2, 2020

Columbia University Paper: Critical Race Theory And Marxism: Temporal Power (PDF), Jul 2012 

Rumble: Woman Delivers Death Blow to the Idea of Reparations, June 7, 2021

YouTube: Viral Kory Yeshua and Daughter Critical Race Theory Video, June 2021

Amazon: Critical Race Theory: The Key Writings That Formed the Movement, Jun 2021

The Federalist: Washington State Mandates Critical Race Theory In All Public Schools, Jun 3, 2021

Fox News Video: Washington state mandates critical race theory in public schools, Jun 4, 2021

The Daily Signal Video: Critical Race Theory: Coming to a School Near You? May 20, 2021

Breitbart: Critical Race Theory - Inside a Virginia County’s Curriculum for Racial Indoctrination, 28 May 2021 

Crisis Magazine: Being Critical of Critical Race Theory, May 10, 2021

Center for Renewing America: Banning The Spread Of Critical Race Theory In Our Institutions, May 5, 2021

Thomas Sowell Video: Facts About Slavery They Don't Teach You at School, Feb 18, 2021

John Horvat II: Six reasons why Catholics (and Americans in general) must oppose Critical Race Theory, Jan 29, 2021

City Journal: The Child Soldiers of Portland, Spring 2021

City Journal: Critical Race Fragility, March 2, 2021

City Journal: Critical Race Theory in American Classrooms, September 18, 2020 

Ratio Christi: Understanding Critical Theory and Christian Apologetics, June 5th, 2019

WND: Though disbanded by Biden, Trump's 1776 Commission to reconvene, oppose Critical Race Theory, May 18, 2021

Steve Bannon Interview: Sloan Rachmath gives a look into how the Woke Left is destroying our education system.  May 12, 2021

National Review:
Critical Race Theory Is Dangerous. Here’s How to Fight It, Mar 13, 2021

Cylinder Radio Video: James Lindsay breaks down Social Justice Theory for K-12 education, Aug 30, 2019

Epoc Times: Critical Race Theory Is About to Face Its Day(s) in Court, April 27, 2021

DailyWire: DeSantis Calls Systemic Racism ‘Horse Manure,’ Blasts ‘Very Harmful’ Critical Race Theory As ‘Race-Based’ Marxism, Apr 30, 2021