Life Issues / Family Ethics Political Action Committee of Southwest Washington

2024 Cowlitz County Primary Election

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Click here to send anonymous tips or comments to LifePac.  Name in violet links to candidate statement.   Naral, Planned Parenthood and National Women's Political Caucus are regularly checked for candidate endorsements.




  District 19, State Senator   

Jeff Wilson (R) *
2024:  Campaign WebsiteCampaign Facebook,

Andi Day (D)
2024:  Campaign Website

  District 19, State Representative, Pos 1 

Jim Walsh (R)*    Ab   DD   RA  
2024:  Campaign Website,  I  2022:  HB 1851 AbSB 5476 DD,   I  2020: Family Policy Institute Action Endorsed95% FPIW Vote Score Campaign Website,   I  2018:  Naral "F" RatingIVoter Guide,  WebsiteFacebook  Religious Affiliation, I  2016: Human Life Pac Endorsed,  WebsiteFacebook
Mike Coverdale (D)  RCV
2024: Ranked Choice Voting 1, 2, 3, 4,
Campaign Website,

  District 19, State Representative, Pos 2  

Joel McEntire (R)*   Ab  R/I  LAC  M  FI  PAS  ESC  CC  CSE   DD   RM  CP  
2024:  Campaign Website,  I  2022:  HB 1851 AbSB 5476 DD  I  2020: Survey Response, FPIW Action EndorsediVoteGuideCampaign Website,   I  2018: Survey ResponseHuman Life Partial Agreement, Campaign Facebook, Facebook

Terry Carlson (D)
2024:  Campaign Website

Justin Franks (L)
2024:  Campaign Website

  District 20 - State Rep, Pos 1  

Peter Abbarno (R)   Ab  M  LBC  FI  PAS  CC  CSE  RM  CP   

Melvin Kaleolani Apana (Culture Republican)
2024:  Campaign Website, 

  District 20 - State Rep, Pos 2  

Ed Orcutt (R)*   Ab  HLP  M  LAC  FI  PAS  CC  CSE  HI  RF  CP  FPIWA   LifePac Recommended
2024:  Campaign Website,  I  2020: Survey Response,   Human Life PAC Endorsed,   Family Policy Institute Action Endorsed,   90% Family Policy Institute Action Vote Score, Campaign Website,   I 2018: Human Life PAC Endorsed, Survey Response, IVoter Guide, Campaign Website   I  2016: Survey Response, Campaign Website I  2014: Abortion Insurance Mandate Vote  I  2012: Survey Response, Human Life PAC Endorsed, Campaign Website I 2010: Survey Response, Human Life PAC Endorsed,Campaign Website I 2006: Human Life PAC Endorsed, Candidate's Website, Legislative Record I 2004: LifePac Endorsed, Candidate's Website, LifePac Survey, Endorsed by Human Life PAC



  Court of Appeals, Division 2, District 3, Pos. 1 

Bernard F. Veljacic

  Cowlitz Superior Court 

Position 1: Gary Bashor
Position 2: Thad Scudder
Position 3: Michael H. Evans
Position 4: Marilyn K. Haan
Position 5: Patricia M. Fassett

  County       Current Commissioners

   Commissioner, Position I 

Keenan Harvey (R)
2024:  Campaign Website

Steve Rader (R)
2024:  Campaign WebsiteCampaign Facebook,

Mike Reuter (R)
2024:  Campaign Website

  Commissioner, Position 2 

Rayleen Aguirre (R)
2024:  Campaign Website, Campaign Facebook,

Justin Brown (I)
2024:  Campaign WebsiteCampaign Facebook,

Steve Ferrell (R)
2024:  Campaign Website, 

Amy Norquist (D)
2024:  Campaign Website

Hal Palmer  (R)
2024:  Campaign Website, 

Jo Zichterman (I)
2024:  Campaign WebsiteCampaign Facebook,

  Public Utility District Commissioner District 2 

Duane Dalgleish
2024:  Campaign Website,