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2022 Cowlitz County Primary Election

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  US Congress, Dist 3        May Trafalgar Poll,   FEC Campaign Reports 3/31   NWPI 6/7   CCT 2/22   CCT 1/22    CCT 1/18

Incumbent Beutler has a long history of opposing Trump, who was the most pro life president ever.  LifePac recommends Joe Kent as a replacement.  The top two primary candidates will advance to the general election, so best outcome would be Kent and Democrat Gluesenkamp-Perez having more votes than Beutler.  Kent is polling highest among conservative candidates, making Kraft and St. John spoiler candidates.  Video where candidates promised to withdraw.

Joe Kent (R)    Ab   PP  PAS   RA    LifePac Endorsed
2022:  Bernie Vote, Dem Reg Explanations Pro Life StatementiVoterGuide Ab, PAS Family Life, May Trafalgar PollKent LifePac Page, February Trafalgar Poll, Cowlitz Straw Poll 4/23 Cowlitz Straw Poll 2/22Religious AffiliationPollsDonorsCampaign Website, Campaign FacebookYouTube, Twitter,

Vicki Kraft (R)   Non Viable (poll) Spoiler Candidate
2022:   May Trafalgar Poll 2/22 Trafalgar Poll Cowlitz Straw Poll 4/23 Cowlitz Straw Poll 2/22,  SB 5883 PR, SB 5476 DD, Campaign Website,   I  2020:  Human Life PAC Endorsed 90% Family Policy Institute Action Vote Score  HB 1608 Vote RF,  Campaign Website,   Campaign Facebook,  Facebook,  I  2018:  Survey Response, Human Life PAC Endorsed, Campaign Website, Facebook   I  2016: Survey ResponseHuman Life PAC Substantial Agreement, Campaign Website,  Campaign Facebook,  Facebook,  Columbian 2/6/16

Marie Gluesenkamp Perez  (D)  Ab   NWPC
2022: Pro Abortion Statement 1, 2 National Women's Political Caucus Endorsed Campaign Website,

Oliver Black (American Solidarity)   Ab
2022: Pro Life StatementCampaign Website,

Chris Byrd (Ind)
2022: Campaign Website,

Leslie French (R)   Non Viable (poll) Spoiler Candidate
2022:   2/22 Trafalgar Poll Campaign Website, Campaign Facebook,

Davy Ray (D)  Ab  PAS
2022: iVoterGuide Ab, PASCampaign Website,


  State Representative, 19th District, Pos. 1  

Jim Walsh (R)*    Ab   DD   RA   LifePac Recommended
2022:  HB 1851 AbSB 5476 DD,   I  2020: Family Policy Institute Action Endorsed95% FPIW Vote ScoreCampaign Website,   I  2018:  Naral "F" RatingIVoter Guide,  WebsiteFacebook  Religious Affiliation, I  2016: Human Life Pac Endorsed,  WebsiteFacebook

Kelli Hughes-Ham   Ab  NWPC
2022:  National Women's Political Caucus Endorsed,  Campaign Website,

  State Representative, 19th District, Pos. 2  

Joel McEntire (R)*   Ab  R/I  LAC  M  FI  PAS  ESC  CC  CSE   DD   RM  CP   LifePac Recommended
2022:  HB 1851 AbSB 5476 DD I  2020: Survey Response, FPIW Action EndorsediVoteGuideCampaign Website,   I  2018: Survey ResponseHuman Life Partial Agreement, Campaign Facebook, Facebook

Cara Cusack   Ab  NWPC
2022:  National Women's Political Caucus Endorsed,  Campaign Website,

Jon-Erik Hegstad  

  District 20 - State Rep, Pos 1  

Peter Abbarno (R)* 
  Ab  M  LBC  FI  PAS  CC  CSE  RM   DD  CP     LifePac Recommended


  District 20 - State Rep, Pos 2  

Ed Orcutt (R)*   Ab  HLP  M  LAC  FI  PAS  CC  CSE  HI   DD   RF  CP  FPIWA    LifePac Recommended
2022: HB 1851 Ab, SB 5476 DD,  HB 5185 PR,   Campaign Website,  I  2020: Survey Response,   Human Life PAC Endorsed,   90% Family Policy Institute Action Vote Score, Campaign Website,   I 2018: Human Life PAC Endorsed, Survey Response, IVoter Guide, Campaign Website   I  2016: Survey Response, Campaign Website I  2014: Abortion Insurance Mandate Vote  I  2012: Survey Response, Human Life PAC Endorsed, Campaign Website I 2010: Survey Response, Human Life PAC Endorsed,Campaign Website I 2006: Human Life PAC Endorsed, Candidate's Website, Legislative Record I 2004: LifePac Endorsed, Candidate's Website, LifePac Survey, Endorsed by Human Life PAC




Emily Wilcox (I)*
2018: Campaign WebsiteCampaign Facebook


Carolyn Fundingsland (I)*
2022:  I  2018: Campaign Website, Facebook

  Clerk of Superior Court  

Staci Myklebust (D)*
2022:  I  2018: Campaign Website, Facebook

  County Commissioner, District 3  

John Jabusch  *
2022: County Bio,


Rick Dahl

Christie Masters


Timothy Davidson (D)*
2022:  I  2018: Campaign Website

  Prosecuting Attorney  

Ryan Jurvakainen (I)*
2022:  I  2018: Campaign Website, Facebook


Brad Thurman (R)*
2022:  I  2018: Campaign WebsiteCampaign Facebook, Facebook


Debra Gardner (D)*
2022:  I  2018: Campaign Website, Campaign Facebook

  Cowlitz Public Utility District, Pos. 3    

Dave Quinn *
2022:  PUD Bio, I  2026:


  District Court Judge, Position ?  

  District Court Judge Position ?  

  District Court Judge, Position ?  

  State Court of Appeals, Division 2, District 3, Pos ?  

  State Court of Appeals, Division 2, District 3, Pos ?