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of Southwest Washington

2022 Cowlitz County Primary Election

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  State Representative, 19th District, Pos. 1  

Jim Walsh (R)*  Life PAC Recommended  Ab  RA
2018:  Naral "F" RatingIVoter Guide,  WebsiteFacebook  Religious Affiliation, I  2016: Human Life Pac Endorsed,  WebsiteFacebook

  State Representative, 19th District, Pos. 2  

Joel McEntire (R)  Life PAC Recommended  Ab  R/I  LAC  M  FI  PAS  ESC  CC  CSE  RM  CP
2018: Survey ResponseHuman Life Partial Agreement, Campaign Facebook, Facebook

  State Representative, 20th District, Pos. 1  

Richard DeBolt (R)*  Life PAC Recommended  Ab
2018:  Naral "F" Grade,  Campaign WebsiteFacebook I  2016: Campaign Website I 2012: Marriage Vote  Campaign Website  I 2010: Campaign Website I 2008: Family Policy Institute Info, Campaign Website, Legislative Website I 2006: Human Life PAC Endorsed, Candidate's Legislative Website


John Thompson (D)  Ab  N
2018: Naral Endorsed,  Campaign Facebook,  Voters Guide Bio, Campaign Website

  District 20 - State Rep, Pos 2  

Ed Orcutt (R)*
  Life PAC Recommended   Ab  HLP  M  LAC  FI  PAS  CC  CSE  CP
2018: Human Life PAC Endorsed, Survey Response, Campaign Website   I  2016: Survey Response, Campaign Website I  2014: Abortion Insurance Mandate Vote  I  2012: Survey Response, Human Life PAC Endorsed, Campaign Website I 2010: Survey Response, Human Life PAC Endorsed,Campaign Website I 2006: Human Life PAC Endorsed, Candidate's Website, Legislative Record I 2004: LifePac Endorsed, Candidate's Website, LifePac Survey, Endorsed by Human Life PAC




Emily Wilcox (I)
2018: Campaign WebsiteCampaign Facebook


Carolyn Fundingsland (I)
2018: Campaign Website, Facebook


Staci Myklebust (D)*
2018: Campaign Website, Facebook

  County Commissioner, District 3  

Joe Gardner (I)*
2018: Campaign WebsiteCampaign Facebook, Facebook

Jerry Cooper (R)

2018: Campaign WebsiteCampaign Facebook, Facebook


Timothy Davidson (D)
2018: Campaign Website

  Prosecuting Attorney  

Ryan Jurvakainen (I)*
2018: Campaign Website, Facebook


Mark Nelson (D)*
2018: Campaign WebsiteCampaign FacebookFacebook

Brad Thurman (R)

2018: Campaign WebsiteCampaign Facebook, Facebook


Debra Gardner (D)
2018: Campaign Website, Campaign Facebook

Karen Walker (R)

2018: Campaign Website

  Cowlitz Public Utility District, Pos. 2    

Duane Dalgleish
2018: Campaign FacebookFacebook

Ned Piper
2018: Campaign Website, Facebook


  District Court Judge, Position 1  

Kevin Blondin
2018: Facebook LikesCampaign Website, Facebook


Debra Burchett
2018: Campaign Website, Campaign Facebook, Facebook

  District Court Judge Position 2  

M. Jamie Imboden
2018: Campaign Website, Campaign FacebookFacebook

Corey Larson

2018: Campaign Website, Campaign FacebookFacebook

  District Court Judge, Position 3  

John Hays
2018: Campaign WebsiteCampaign Facebook, Facebook

Tom Ladouceur

2018: Campaign Website

  State Court of Appeals, Division 2, District 3, Pos 1  

Rich Melnick *
2018:  Campaign WebsiteFacebook  I  2014:  Campaign Website

  State Court of Appeals, Division 2, District 3, Pos 5  

Anne Cruser *

2018: Campaign Website, Campaign Facebook, Facebook