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2022 Clark County
Primary Election

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  US Congress, Dist 3        May Trafalgar Poll,   FEC Campaign Reports 3/31   NWPI 6/7   CCT 2/22   CCT 1/22    CCT 1/18

Incumbent Beutler has a long history of opposing Trump, who was the most pro life president ever.  LifePac recommends Joe Kent as a replacement.  The top two primary candidates will advance to the general election, so best outcome would be Kent and Democrat Gluesenkamp-Perez having more votes than Beutler.  Kent is polling highest among conservative candidates, making Kraft and St. John spoiler candidates.  Video where candidates promised to withdraw.

Jaime Herrera Beutler (R)*   Anti Trump RINO
2022: HR 2471 PP Funding,  HLP,  NWPI 6/7,, Donors,  Campaign Website,   I  2021:  Trump Impeachment Vote,  HR 1996 RM,  I  2020:  Insurrection Act Vote, HR 133 PP Funding, PP Funding,  HR 1595 RM,  94% NRTL Voting Record, iVoterGuide, Campaign WebsiteCampaign FacebookCampaign TwitterCongressional Website,   I 2018:  Human Life PAC Endorsed, Planned Parenthood Funding Appropriations Bill 1625 Vote, HR 1625 News Article, On The Issues,  IVoter Guide,  Campaign WebsiteCampaign Facebook I  2016:  Human Life PAC Endorsed, National Right To Life EndorsedMainstream Republicans EndorsedCampaign Website, Campaign Facebook I 2012: Campaign WebsiteHuman Life PAC Endorsed I 2010: Human Life PAC Endorsed, News Article, Campaign Website I 2008: Human Life PAC Endorsed, Campaign and Legislative Websites

Joe Kent (R)    Ab   PP  PAS   RA    LifePac Endorsed
2022:  Bernie Vote, Dem Reg Explanations Pro Life StatementiVoterGuide Ab, PAS Family Life, May Trafalgar PollKent LifePac Page, February Trafalgar Poll, Cowlitz Straw Poll 4/23 Cowlitz Straw Poll 2/22Religious AffiliationPollsDonorsCampaign Website, Campaign FacebookYouTube, Twitter,

Vicki Kraft (R)   Non Viable (poll) Spoiler Candidate
2022:   May Trafalgar Poll 2/22 Trafalgar Poll Cowlitz Straw Poll 4/23 Cowlitz Straw Poll 2/22,  SB 5883 PR, SB 5476 DD, Campaign Website,   I  2020:  Human Life PAC Endorsed 90% Family Policy Institute Action Vote Score  HB 1608 Vote RF,  Campaign Website,   Campaign Facebook,  Facebook,  I  2018:  Survey Response, Human Life PAC Endorsed, Campaign Website, Facebook   I  2016: Survey ResponseHuman Life PAC Substantial Agreement, Campaign Website,  Campaign Facebook,  Facebook,  Columbian 2/6/16

Marie Gluesenkamp Perez  (D)  Ab   NWPC
2022: Pro Abortion Statement 1, 2 National Women's Political Caucus Endorsed Campaign Website,

Oliver Black (American Solidarity)   Ab
2022: Pro Life StatementCampaign Website,


Chris Byrd (Ind)
2022: Campaign Website,


Leslie French (R)   Non Viable (poll) Spoiler Candidate
2022:   2/22 Trafalgar Poll Campaign Website, Campaign Facebook,

Davy Ray (D)  Ab  PAS
2022: iVoterGuide Ab, PASCampaign Website,


  District 17 - State Rep, Pos 1     

Anthony Ho (R)
2022: Campaign WebsiteCampaign Twitter,


Hanna Joy (R)  
Ab   HLP
Pro Life Statement HLPCampaign Website


Terri Niles   Ab   PP 
2022: Naral Endorsed (Cached) Pro Abortion FB Post 1, 2, 3, MoreCampaign WebsiteCampaign FacebookFacebook,


Kevin Waters (R) 
2022: Pro Life AffirmationCampaign WebsiteFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,

  District 17 - State Rep, Pos 2    

Paul Harris (R)* 
  Ab  R/I   DD
2022: iVoterGuide Ab (Cached 12 ),  HLP,  HB 1851 Ab,  SB 5883 PR,  SB 5476 DD,   HB 1141 PAS,  HB 1585 PR, Campaign WebsiteCampaign Facebook  I  2020:  HB 1608 RF,  65% Family Policy Institute Action Vote Score,    Campaign WebsiteCampaign Facebook  I  2019:  HB 1638 Vaccines,   I  2018: Human Life PAC Endorsed, Pro Life Statements, IVoter GuideCampaign WebsiteCampaign Facebook I  2016: Survey Response, Campaign Website  Abortion Insurance Mandate Vote  I 2014: Survey Response, Human Life PAC Endorsed, Campaign Website, Campaign Facebook I 2012: Human Life PAC Endorsed, Marriage Vote, Campaign Website I 2010: Human Life PAC Endorsed Campaign Website I 2006: Survey Response, Human Life PAC Endorsed, Candidate's Website I 2004: Survey Response

Earl Bowerman Ab  LBC  PR  M  RM  
2022:  Pro Life StatementCampaign WebsiteFacebook,  I 2021: Pro Life Statement Campaign WebsiteFacebook,   I  2018:  Survey Response
, Campaign Website, Campaign Facebook, Campaign YouTube, Facebook

Justin Forsman (R)  Ab  LBC  M  LAC  FI  PAS  RM  CC  CSE  CP

Joe Kear (D)   Ab  PAS  S
2022: LWV (0:36:00) Ab, iVoterGuide Ab, PAS, LWV Sexuality (0:36:05)Campaign Website, Facebook?

  District 18 - State Rep, Pos 1    

  District 18 - State Rep, Pos 2        LWV Forum 6/22   

Brad Benton (R)  Ab   HLP
2022: HLP, Campaign Website,   Facebook,


Duncan Camacho (D)   Ab
2022: LWV - Women's Rights (00:46:42) AbCampaign Website, Facebook,

Greg Cheney (R)
2022: Campaign Website,

John Ley (R)   Candidate Ruled Ineligible
2022: Auditor Ruling, CCT 7/8,  IVoterGuide Ab, MCampaign Website, Religious Affiliation,  I  2020:  Human Life PAC EndorsedCampaign Website,  Campaign FacebookFacebook, I  2014: Survey Response, Campaign Website, Facebook

  District 20 - State Rep, Pos 1  

Peter Abbarno (R)*   Ab  M  LBC  FI  PAS  CC  CSE  RM   DD  CP
   RA   LifePac Recommended

  District 20 - State Rep, Pos 2  

Ed Orcutt (R)*   Ab  M  LAC  FI  PAS  CC  CSE  HI  RF   DD  CP  FPIWA   LifePac Recommended
2022: HB 1851 Ab,  SB 5883 PR,  SB 5476 DD,  HB 5185 PR,   Campaign Website,  I  2020: Survey Response,   Human Life PAC Endorsed,   90% Family Policy Institute Action Vote Score, Campaign Website,   I 2018: Human Life PAC Endorsed, Survey Response, IVoter Guide, Campaign Website   I  2016: Survey Response, Campaign Website I  2014: Abortion Insurance Mandate Vote  I  2012: Survey Response, Human Life PAC Endorsed, Campaign Website I 2010: Survey Response, Human Life PAC Endorsed,Campaign Website I 2006: Human Life PAC Endorsed, Candidate's Website, Legislative Record I 2004: LifePac Endorsed, Candidate's Website, LifePac Survey, Endorsed by Human Life PAC

  District 49 - State Rep, Pos 1      

Sharon Wylie (D)*   Ab  NWPC  N   PP  CSE   DD  RF

Park Llafet (R)  Ab   LBC   M   PP  
2022:  Campaign Website,  I  2020: iVoterGuideFacebook

  District 49 - State Rep, Pos 2      

Monica Stonier (D)*   
2022:  Planned Parenthood Endorsed,    NWPC EndorsedSB 5476 DD,  Sexxx Ed Townhall, Campaign Website,2020:  SB 5395 Vote CSE,   HB 1608 Vote RF,   Naral Scorecard: A,  National Women's Political Caucus Endorsed,   0% Family Policy Institute Action Vote Score, iVoterGuide,  I 2018:  Naral EndorsedPlanned Parenthood Endorsed, National Women's Political Caucus EndorsedCampaign WebsiteCampaign FacebookFacebook  I  2016: Naral Endorsed,  Planned Parenthood Endorsed,  National Women's Political Caucus Endorsed, Campaign Website I 2012: Naral Endorsed, Planned Parenthood Endorsed, Women's Political Caucus Endorsed, Same Sex Marriage, Campaign Website I 2010: Pro Abortion Endorsements, Campaign Website

Jeremy Baker (R)   Ab   HLP  SCh    LifePac Recommended
2022: Survey Response HLP,  School Choice Family LifeCampaign Website, Campaign Facebook,


  Court of Appeals, Division 2, District 3 

Anne Cruser 

  Superior Court  

Nancy Retsinas

  District Court  

Position 1   Kristen Parcher

2022:  I  2018:  Clark Co Bio

Position 2   Chad Sleight

Position 3   James Smith

Position 4   Sonya Langsdorf

Position 5   Kelli Osler

Position 6   Abigail Bartlett

  County (All Races Non Partisan) 

  County Council        Columbian 3/31
District 1:   CCT Forum 7/21    LWV Forum 7/6   LWV Forum 6/23 

Doug Coop  Ab  CG  LBC  PP  LP  SB  RM  CRT  SE  PR  PI  SCh  H  CPr   RA
2022: Survey Response,  Campaign Website, Campaign Facebook, Facebook, LinkedIn,  I  2021: Survey Response,  Campaign WebsiteFacebook,

Hector Hinojosa   H
2022:  Columbian 5/28/17 H,  Campaign Website,  Facebook,    I  2020: Campaign Facebook Facebook,

Glen Yung
2022: Campaign WebsiteCampaign FacebookFacebook,  I   2021: Campaign WebsiteCampaign FacebookFacebook

District 2:   CCT Forum 7/21    LWV Forum 7/6    Reflector 7/5    LWV Forum 6/23 

Michelle Belkot   Ab  LBC  R/I   PR   PP  RM  CRT  CSE  SCl   RA   LifePac Recommended
2022: Survey ResposeCCT LTE 7/28, Campaign Website, Campaign Facebook, Facebook,   I  2021: Survey Response SWWEd Survey Video Interview CCSPU Endorsement, Campaign Facebook, Facebook,

Kim Hamlik
2022: High School DiplomaCampaign Website, Campaign Facebook, Facebook, Facebook Friends,

Chartisha Roberts   Ab  NWPC
National Women's Political Caucus Endorsed,  Campaign Website, Campaign Facebook, Facebook I 2021:  National Women's Political Caucus Endorsed,  Campaign Website, Campaign Facebook, Facebook,

District 5:    CCT Forum 7/21    LWV Forum 6/22

Richard Rylander *  Ab   LBC  HLP  PR   LP   SB   PP   RM
2022: Survey Response HLP,  CCRP BioCampaign Website Facebook,   I  2020:  Campaign Facebook Facebook,   I  2015: Survey Response, Campaign Website, Campaign Facebook 

Don Benton   Ab   HLP
2022:  HLP,  Wiki BioCampaign WebsiteCampaign Facebook, Facebook,  I  2012: Survey Response, Human Life PAC Endorsed, Campaign Website  I  2008: Life Pac Survey Response, Human Life PAC Endorsed, Legislative Votes, Project Vote Smart Info, Campaign Website I 2004: Endorsed by Human Life PAC, Life Pac Survey Response

Sue Marshall  Ab  NWPC
National Women's Political Caucus Endorsed
  Campaign Website

Rick Torres
2022: Campaign Website, Campaign Facebook,

  Auditor     Reflector 7/28
  Prosecuting Attorney   

Tony Golik *   Ab


Alishia Topper * Ab  NWPC
2022:   NWPC Endorsed,  Campaign WebsiteCampaign FacebookFacebook   I  2018: National Women's Political Caucus EndorsedCampaign Website
Campaign FacebookFacebook  I  2017: Planned Parenthood Endorsed,  National Women's Political Caucus Endorsed,  NWPC Campaign Donation,  Campaign Website  I  2016: Naral Endorsed  Campaign Website,  Columbian 1/31/16  I  2013: NWPC Endorsement, Campaign Website, Facebook

   Clark County Public Utilities Commissioner, Dist 2  

Nancy Barnes *
2022:  Campaign Facebook  Facebook2016: Campaign Facebook  Facebook I 2010: Campaign Website

Carol Dillin  Ab  NWPC
2022:  National Women's Political Caucus Endorsed Consultant WorkLinkedIn

Don Steinke
2022: Campaign Website,

  Precinct Committee Officers

Election Dept PCO List

   Withdrawn Candidates 

Lucy Lauser
2022: Columbian 3/19/21,