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2022 Clark County
Primary Election

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  US Congress, Dist 3         FEC Campaign Reports     CCT 2/22   CCT 1/22    CCT 1/18

Incumbent Buetler has a long history of opposing Trump, who was the most pro life president ever.  LifePac recommends Joe Kent as a replacement.  The top two primary candidates will advance to the general election, so Kent needs more votes than Buetler.  Kent is polling highest making candidates Kraft and St. John spoiler candidates.  Video where candidates promise to withdraw.

Jaime Herrera Buetler (R)*   Anti Trump RINO


Leslie French (R)   Non Viable (poll) Spoiler Candidate
2022:   2/22 Trafalgar Poll Campaign Website, Campaign Facebook,

Brent Hennrich (D)   Ab 
2022:   Pro Abortion Statement,  Campaign Website, Crass Campaign VideoFacebook, Twitter,

Joe Kent (R)    Ab   PP   RA    LifePac Recommended
2022:  Pro Life Statement, Family Life, 2/22 Trafalgar Poll, Cowlitz Straw Poll 4/23 Cowlitz Straw Poll 2/22 Religious Affiliation,  Kent LifePac PagePollsCampaign Website, YouTube, Twitter,

Vicki Kraft (R) 
 Non Viable (poll) Spoiler Candidate
2022:   2/22 Trafalgar Poll,  Cowlitz Straw Poll 4/23 Cowlitz Straw Poll 2/22,  SB 5883 PR,  Campaign Website,   I  2020:  Human Life PAC Endorsed 90% Family Policy Institute Action Vote Score  HB 1608 Vote RF,  Campaign Website,   Campaign Facebook,  Facebook,  I  2018:  Survey Response, Human Life PAC Endorsed, Campaign Website, Facebook 
  I  2016: Survey ResponseHuman Life PAC Substantial Agreement, Campaign Website,  Campaign Facebook,  Facebook,  Columbian 2/6/16


Marie Perez  (D)  Ab
2022: Pro Abortion Statement 1, 2 Campaign Website,

Heidi St. John (R)   Non Viable (poll) Spoiler Candidate
2022:  2/22 Trafalgar Poll  Cowlitz Straw Poll 4/23 Cowlitz Straw Poll 2/22,  Pro Life Statement Early Trump Opposition Polls,   Campaign Website,  YouTube, Twitter,


  District 17 - State Rep, Pos 1     

Anthony Ho (R)
2022: Campaign Twitter,


Hanna Joy (R)  
Pro Life StatementCampaign Website


Kevin Waters (R) 
2022: Pro Life AffirmationCampaign Website

  District 17 - State Rep, Pos 2    

  District 18 - State Rep, Pos 2   
2022: Campaign Website, Facebook,


Greg Cheney (R)
2022: Campaign Website,

  District 20 - State Rep, Pos 1  

Peter Abbarno (R)*   Ab  M  LBC  FI  PAS  CC  CSE  RM  CP  


  District 20 - State Rep, Pos 2  


  District 49 - State Rep, Pos 1      

Sharon Wylie (D)*   Ab   N   PP  CSE  RF

Park Llafet (R)  Ab   LBC   M   PP  
2022:  Campaign Website,  I  2020: iVoterGuideFacebook

Jeremy Baker (R)
2022:  Campaign Website,


  County Council       Columbian 3/31
District 1:

Doug Coop Ab  CG  LBC  PP  CRT  LP  SE  PR  PI  SCh  H  CPr   RA
2022:  I  2021: Survey Response,  Campaign WebsiteFacebook,

District 2:

Michelle Bourret-Belkot   CSE  CRT  1619   Ab  R/I  CG  SCl  PI  RM  PP
2022: Campaign Website, Campaign Facebook, Facebook,   I  2021: Survey Response SWWEd Survey Video Interview CCSPU Endorsement, Campaign Facebook, Facebook,

District 5:

Don Benton  Ab
2022: Campaign Website,  I  2012: Survey Response, Human Life PAC Endorsed, Campaign Website  I  2008: Life Pac Survey Response, Human Life PAC Endorsed, Legislative Votes, Project Vote Smart Info, Campaign Website I 2004: Endorsed by Human Life PAC, Life Pac Survey Response

   Clark County Public Utilities Commissioner, Dist 3  

Jane Van Dyke  Ab  NWPC


Greg Kimsey *

2022:  I  2018: Campaign WebsiteFacebook, I  2014: Campaign Website   Facebook  I  2006: Mainstream Republicans Board Member

Peter Van Nortwick *      Ab   LBC   FI RM 
2022:  I  2018:  Survey Response, Facebook, County Bio,  I  2014: Survey Response, Facebook  I  2010: Survey Response, Campaign Website


Scott Weber *     Ab   LBC
2022:  I  2018: Campaign WebsiteCampaign FacebookFacebook  I  2014: Survey Response, Campaign Website  Campaign Facebook   I   2010: Campaign Website


  Prosecuting Attorney   

Tony Golik *   Ab
2022:  I  2018: Campaign Website  I  2014: Campaign Website  I  2010: Pro Abortion Statement, Campaign Website



Alishia Topper  Ab  NWPC
2022:  I  2018: National Women's Political Caucus EndorsedCampaign Website
Campaign FacebookFacebook  I  2017: Planned Parenthood Endorsed,  National Women's Political Caucus Endorsed,  NWPC Campaign Donation,  Campaign Website  I  2016: Naral Endorsed  Campaign Website,  Columbian 1/31/16  I  2013: NWPC Endorsement, Campaign Website, Facebook

  Clark County Charter Review Commissioner      Current Commissioners   Charter Information

At Large, Pos 1
Doug Lasher
2020:  Facebook,  FB Likes, I  2014: Campaign Website  Campaign Facebook   Facebook

At Large, Pos 2

Eric Holt   Ab   SM   RM


At Large, Pos 3


District 1, Pos 1
Anthony Vendetti
2020: Facebook, FB Likes,

District 1, Pos 2

Kim Harless
2020: Facebook, FB Likes,


District 1, Pos 3
Chris Goodwin
2020: Facebook,


District 2, Pos 1
Chuck Green
2020:  Facebook,   FB Likes, I  2015:  Campaign Website,    Facebook,   LinkedIn,   I   2013:  Campaign Website,   Facebook,   FB Likes,

District 2, Pos 2
Kelsey Potter

District 2, Pos 3

Dorothy Gasque  


District 3, Pos 1

Maureen Winningham   CSE   RM
2020:  Facebook FB Likes

District 3, Pos 2

Terri Niles
2020:  FacebookCampaign Facebook,

District 3, Pos 3

Jeff Angelo
2020: Facebook, FB Likes,

District 4, Pos 1

Deanna Rusch
2020: Facebook  I  2019: LifePac InterviewFacebookLinkedInAvvoReligious Affiliation, I 2017: Appointed to Council

District 4, Pos 2

John Latta  RM
2020:  Facebook, FB Likes, Campaign Website, Campaign Facebook

District 4, Pos 3

Greg Anderson   RM
2020:  I  2019:  I  2015:  Marijuana Vote   Facebook