Life Issues / Family Ethics Political Action Committee of Southwest Washington

Rey Reynolds
2022 Clark Co. Sheriff Candidate
Campaign Website  

Survey Response:

Do you believe that a unique human life begins at conception?
Yes at conception

If not, when?   ___ 3 mths    ___ 6 mths

___ At Birth    ___ 1 yr   ___18 yrs?


Is taking the life of a pre-born child through abortion ever morally permissible?  Check all that apply:

__X___ No, it's never permissible

_____ Yes, to save mother's life

_____ Yes, in cases of rape or incest

_____ Yes, for physical deformity

_____  Yes, for gender

_____  Yes, for race

_____  Yes, to punish spouse

_____ Yes, it's always permissible

Do you believe that  the State has a compelling interest in protecting human life beginning at conception? Yes- it was never the place for the federal government to step in and take away the right of the state to make decisions of this magnitude. I am happy to see so many states taking a strong stance to protect human life by banning abortion.

Will you promote/support parental involvement laws (with judicial override) for minors when seeking an abortion? Yes, absolutely. There is no reason for the parents to be kept out of parenting their child. The state does not have the right to parent children.

What is your position on the legal production, processing and sale of recreational marijuana in Washington State?

_____ Support

__X___ Oppose

_____  No Opinion

_____  Other:

Are you an active member in a church, synagogue, temple, mosque or other religious assembly? Yes


If so, you may state here where at: Church on the Rock, Battle Ground

Is the collaboration of government with faith-based charitable works good for our communities? Absolutely. It is the best thing that could ever happen to have our faith-based charities collaborate with our government. They're usually the first to respond to emergencies to support the community. Look at major incidents and almost always you'll see that triage locations are the churches. They are often ready and willing to help and have resources that the government may not, and they'll also be available to cover situations and people in prayer.


What office (district and position) are you running for? Clark County Sheriff


Please state your qualifications for office such as professional, educational, family and community accomplishments.  You may also add any any further comments regarding the relationship of your candidacy to respect life issues. I have 37 years of law enforcement experience. I have received several awards from the community and my agency for my work. I am actively involved in the community. You can view a list of my accomplishments and involvements on my website.


Do you have a campaign website?  What is the address?


You may state here any policy positions you have in relation to the office you are seeking: I am 100% pro-constitution: I support  First Amendment rights, I support Second Amendment rights. I support religious and medical freedom. I believe that homelessness is a whole community issue that we should work together to solve instead of allowing them the less fortunate to live in filth. I believe we need to FUND our police departments, and fund them some more. I am committed to taking the steps needed to make Clark County safe again.

May LifePac post your returned survey on our website?  Surveys are posted only with your permission. Yes