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2024 Washington State Primary Election

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Click here to send anonymous tips or comments to LifePac.  Name in violet links to candidate statement.   Naral, Planned Parenthood and National Women's Political Caucus are regularly checked for candidate endorsements.

Presidential Primary is Tuesday, March 12th

Other Offices August 6th



  US President / Vice President     Comparisons:  NRLC 12,   FRC 1, 2 

Donald Trump / ? (R)*   
    LifePac Recommended
2024: IVF 2/26, Pro Life, NRLC, Operation Rescue Endorsed,
WND 1/5, Trump WH Record, Catholic Vote 2/19, Young Trump Video, Campaign Website I  2020: NRTL Endorsed,  Trump's 2020 Pro-Life Letter,
 NRTL Trump RecordFRC Trump AccomplishmentsCampaign Website,  I  2016: Abortion Position,  Campaign WebsiteYouTubePatton Video I 1998: Abortion Statement

Joe Biden / Kamala Harris (D)   Ab  N  PP  
2024: NARAL Endorsed, LifeNews 2/1, Pro Abortion, NRLCCampaign Website,  I  2020:
 NARAL Endorsed,  Planned Parenthood Endorsed,  
NRTL Biden/Trump Comparison
,  Most Anti-Catholic Ticket Video,  Campaign Website

Robert Kennedy (?)  Ab
2024: Pro Abortion 1, 2, Campaign Website,

Ron DeSantis (R)  Ab
2024: Pro Life 1, 2, Campaign Website


Nikki Haley (R)  Ab

2024: Pro Life Stance, 2, Campaign Website,


Dean Phillips (D)  Ab

2024: Pro Abortion, Election Manipulation Comments, Campaign Website,


Marianne Williamson (D)  Ab

2024: Pro Abortion, Campaign Website,


  State Initiatives and Referendums  

  State Executive  


Semi Bird  Ab
2024: Campaigning VideoCampaign Website, Campaign Facebook

Bob Ferguson (D)   Ab
2024: Campaign Website,
I 2020: Naral Endorsed,  Planned Parenthood Endorsed, Campaign Website, I  2016: Naral Endorsed,  Planned Parenthood Endorsed,  Campaign Website   I  2012: Naral Endorsed

Dave Reichert  Ab  R/I
2024: "Pro-Life" SReview 7/7/23 2011 Interview, [un]Divided Interview, "Pro-Life" Politics of Wash 7/7/23, "At Conception" SPI 10/8/08, Heritage Lifetime Score 36%, Campaign Website,  I 2016: HLP Endorsed,


William Combs (Independent)
Michael DePaula (L)
Fred Grant (D)
Chaytan Inman (D)
EL'ona Kearney (D)
Laurel Khan (R)
Leon Lawson (R)
Ambra Mason (Constitution Party)
Mark Mullet (D)
Don Rivers (D)

  Lieutenant Governor  

Denny Heck (D)  Ab  N  PP
2024:  I  2020:  
Naral Endorsed Planned Parenthood Endorsed,  2% Pro-Life Voting Record, iVoterGuideCampaign Website, I  2014: Planned Parenthood Endorsement, Naral: 100% Pro Choice,  National Right To Life Rating: 0% Pro Life, Women's Political Caucus FB Like, Campaign Website  Campaign Facebook   I   Pro Abortion Endorsements, Campaign Website


  Secretary Of State  

  Attorney General      Roanoke Conference Debate

Bob Ferguson (D)*   Ab  N  PP
2024:  I  2020: 
Naral Endorsed,  Planned Parenthood Endorsed, Campaign Website, I  2016: Naral Endorsed,  Planned Parenthood Endorsed,  Campaign Website   I  2012: Naral Endorsed


Nick Brown (D)

Manka Dhingra (D)

Pete Serrano (R)

  State Treasurer  

Mike Pellicciotti (D)  Ab  N  PP

  State Auditor  

Pat McCarthy (D)*    
2024:  I  2020: 
National Women's Political Caucus Endorsed, Campaign Website I  2016: Naral: Pro ChoiceNational Womens Political Caucus Endorsement,


  Superintendent of Public Instruction (Non Partisan)     Voters Guide:   SWW Education  Spokesman Review 6/28

Brad Klippert 
2024: Campaign Website,  I  2022: Pro Life Statement,  HLP: 100% Agreement,   Campaign Website,  I   2020: HLP Endorsement,

Vincent Perez

  Commissioner Of Public Lands  

Hilary Franz (D)*    


Jaime Herrera Beutler (R)   Ab
2024:  I  2022: HR 2471 PP Funding,  HLP,  NWPI 6/7,, Donors,  Campaign Website,   I  2021:  Trump Impeachment Vote,  HR 1996 RM,  I  2020:  Insurrection Act Vote, HR 133 PP FundingPP Funding,  HR 1595 RM,  94% NRTL Voting Record, iVoterGuide, Campaign WebsiteCampaign FacebookCampaign TwitterCongressional Website,   I 2018:  Human Life PAC Endorsed, Planned Parenthood Funding Appropriations Bill 1625 Vote, HR 1625 News Article, On The Issues,  IVoter Guide,  Campaign WebsiteCampaign Facebook I  2016:  Human Life PAC Endorsed, National Right To Life EndorsedMainstream Republicans EndorsedCampaign Website, Campaign Facebook I 2012: Campaign WebsiteHuman Life PAC Endorsed I 2010: Human Life PAC Endorsed, News Article, Campaign Website I 2008: Human Life PAC Endorsed, Campaign and Legislative Websites

Mona Das (D)

Patrick DePoe (D)

Sue Kuehl Pederson (R)  Ab
2024:  I  2020: iVoterGuide,  Campaign Website

Rebecca Saldana (D)

Dave Upthegrove (D)

Kevin Van De Wege (D)    Ab
2024:  I  2020: Planned Parenthood Endorsement

  Insurance Commissioner  

Mike Kreidler (D)*   Ab  N  PP
2024:  I  2020: 
Naral Endorsed,  Planned Parenthood Endorsed, Campaign Website I  2016: Naral Endorsed,  Planned Parenthood Endorsed,  Campaign Website,  Campaign Facebook

Patricia Kuderer (D)   Ab
2024:  I  2017: Planned Parenthood Endorsed,

  State Judicial     

  Washington State Supreme Court   
    WSSC Website   
Code of Judicial Conduct

  Pos. 2 
Susan Owens *  Ab  N

  Pos. 8 
Steve Gonzalez *  Ab  N  PP

  Pos. 9 

Sheryl Gordon McCloud *  Ab  N  PP  NWPC