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2023 Cowlitz County
General Election
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Special Notice:

Initiative 2081 Washington Parents Bill of Rights

Signature Collecting Now, Ballot Next Year, 2024

Let's Go Washington
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    Jim Walsh    Wash Catholic Conference

Naral, Planned Parenthood nor the National Women's Political Caucus have made any Cowlitz County endorsements at this time.

  Municipalities    Survey Questions

  City of Castle Rock      Current Council


Paul Helenberg *

Council Position 3

John Earl Queen *

John Wesley Whalen

Council Position 4

Paul Simonsen *

Council Position 5

Ellen Rose *

  City of Kalama         Current Council

Council Position 3

Wendy Conradi *
 2023: Facebook I  2019: Voter's GuideFacebook Campaign Facebook,

Spenser Gwynne
2023: FB Likes,  Facebook,

Council Position 4

 Steve Kallio *
 2019: Voter's GuideCampaign Facebook

Lynn Hughes

Council Position 5

 City of Kelso  
   Current Council

Council Position 4

Jim Hill *
2019: City Council Page

 Aaron Bunn

Council Position 5

Keenan Harvey *  Ab  R/I  SOB  LP  CPC  FI  PP  RM  CPr
2023:  I  2019: Survey ResponseCampaign Facebook,

Garrett Colkitt

Council Position 6

Lisa Knight Alexander *  Ab  SOB  LP  CPC  RM  FI  PP  CPr
2023:  I  2019: Survey ResponseCampaign Facebook

Council Position 7    TDN 7/17

Veryl Anderson
2023: Facebook, FB Likes, CCCA,

Scott Olson
2023: Facebook LinkedIn?,

  City of Longview       Current Council

Council Position 1

Mike Wallin
*  Ab
2023: Facebook,  I  2019:  I  2015:  Survey Response, Campaign Website  I  2011: Campaign Website

Kalei LaFave

Council Position 2

Ramona Leber
2023: Facebook,

Keith Young
2023: Campaign Facebook,

Council Position 3

Christopher Ortiz SM  RA
2023: Sexual Morality, Religious Affiliation, Campaign Website,

Erik Halvorson
2023: Campaign Website,

Council Position 4

  City of Woodland     Current Council


Will Finn *

2023: Campaign Facebook, Campaign Website, I  2019:  I  2015:  Twitter 

Todd Dinehart
2023: FB PostCampaign Facebook Facebook, LinkedIn,

Council Position 3

Melissa Doughty *
2023: Facebook, FB Likes,  Campaign Website,

Keith Bellisle    Ab   LAC  FI    LP   CPC   SOB   RM   PP   RA
2023: Rank Choice Voting, Campaign Website, Campaign Facebook,   I  2021:  Facebook,  I  2019: Facebook, I 2017: Survey Response, Campaign Facebook, Facebook,  I 2013:  Facebook 

Council Position 4

Aaron Alderman *
2023: Facebook 1, 2; Facebook Posts 1, 2, 3; Campaign Website,

Douglas Freimarck, Sr.
2023: LinkedIn,  Campaign Website,

Council Position 5

DeeAnna Holland *   Ab  RM
2023: Abortion Post 1, 2; 2020 Marijuana Vote, 2020 Mj Comments, Instagram, Campaign Facebook, Councilor FacebookFacebookMj Facebook PostBusiness Website, I  2019: Campaign FacebookFacebookLinkedIn

Gabe Huston    RM
2023: Rec Mj FB Posts 1, 2, 3, 4, Facebook, Campaign Website,

Council Position 6

Terry Hall *

Council Position 7

Monte Smith
2023: "I'm not against pot" (50:40)Campaign Website,

  Judicial      Survey Questions


  Schools      Survey Questions   District Stat's

  Castle Rock School District No. 401     Current Board

Director District 3

Henry Karnofski *

Director District At Large (4)

Levi Godinho

Gary Stoner

Director District At Large (5)

Todd Jansen *

Angelica Velazquez

  Kalama School District No. 402       Current Board

Director District 2

Ryan Cruser *

Jeremy Kushner

Director District 3

Wesley Eader *

Nicola Studinarz

Director District 4

Katie Perkins *

Rachael Brace (Dove)

Director District 5

Russ Ipock *

Dustin Moon

  Kelso School District No. 458       Current Board

Director Position 3

Jeane Conrad *

Director Position 4

Mike Haas *
2023: Facebook,

Andrew Larson

Director Position 5

Rich Fletcher

Robert Lynn

  Longview School District No. 122       Current Board

Director Position 3

Don Wiitala *
2023: Campaign Website,

Robert Paul Kohr Jr
2023: Campaign Website,

Director Position 4

Barb Westrick *

Scott Beck

Director Position 5

Jennifer Leach *

Karis Searcy

  Toutle Lake School District No. 130  
    Current Board

Director District 1

Sherry Schwinn

Director District 2

Janell Wheatley

Director District 4

Susan Dorcheus

Matt Hanna

Director District 5

Heather Schoonover

Shebanyah VanHoof

  Woodland School District No. 404         Current Board

Director District 1

Sarah Stuart
2023: District Bio,

Katie Nichols

Director District 2

Paul McLendon

Director District 3

Jeff Wray
2023: District Bio,


  Port of Kalama         Current Board

Commissioner District 3

Troy Stariha *
2023: Port Bio,

  Port of Longview        Current Board

Commissioner District 2

Evan Jones

  Port of Woodland        Website   Facebook

Commissioner District 3

Paul Cline