Life Issues / Family Ethics
Political Action Committee
of Southwest Washington

2022 Washington State
General Election
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 State Info    Future Ballot Conservative Initiatives (LGW) 1,   2 (JPG)

No initiatives made it onto the ballot.  There will be two advisory measures, 39 and 40.

  Federal Offices  
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   US Senate       Murray/Smiley Debate 10/23    Western Journal 9/28    Western Journal 9/6   Trafalgar Poll Aug/Sept 2022

Patty Murray (D)*   Ab   N   PP
2022:  Naral Endorsed, Planned Parenthood Endorsed,   NRTL 21/22 Votes: 0%, Trump Impeachment VoteCatholic Vote, Facebook Commentary (text)Campaign Website,  I  2016: 
Naral Endorsed, Campaign Website,  I 2010: Pro Abortion Endorsements, 2% National Right to Life Voting Record, Campaign Website I 2004: Pro Abortion Endorsements on Candidate's Website, 3% National Right To Life Voting Record, National Right to Life Comparision of Nethercutt/Murray (PDF File)

Tiffany Smiley (R)  
Ab   EI    LifePac Recommended
2022:  CNN 9/4 Ab The Hill 9/23/21 AbCampaign Video Ab, Election IntegrityCampaign Website, Campaign Facebook, FacebookCampaign YouTube, Twitter LinkedIn,

State Offices   

Secretary of State         Gateway Pundit 10/16 RCV     PDC Info 

Brad Klippert (R)  
Ab  HLP    Write In Campaign    LifePac Recommended
2022: Pro Life Statement HLP: 100% Agreement,   Campaign Website,  I   2020: HLP Endorsement,

Steve Hobbs (D)   Ab
2022: Against Rank Choice VotingCampaign WebsitePDC,  I  2020: Campaign Website,  I 2016: Naral: Pro Choice, I 2014: Naral Endorsed

Julie Anderson (None)  
2022: Planned Parenthood Political StrategistNWPC EndorsedPro Rank Choice Voting, Campaign WebsiteReligious Affiliation, PDC,  I  2018: Fuse Endorsed,  I  2014: WPC Endorsed,

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G. Helen Whitener   Ab  NWPC  PP