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2024 Clark County Primary Election

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Click here to send anonymous tips or comments to LifePac.  Name in violet links to candidate statement.   Naral, Planned Parenthood and National Women's Political Caucus are regularly checked for candidate endorsements.


Clark Co Special Election (Schools), February 13, 2024: Battle Ground 1, 2, Camas 1, 2 Green Mountain, Woodland 1, 2,


  US Congress, Dist 3    

Marie Gluesenkamp Perez (D)   Ab  PP   NWPC  RM
2024: Campaign Website,  I  2022: Pro Abortion Statement  1 (Cached),  2 (Cached),  3 , Planned Parenthood EndorsedNational Women's Political Caucus Endorsed, Antifa BLM Connection 1,  2 OR Voter RegistrationCCT LTE 10/26RM (21:07)Men in Women Sports CCT 10/7 Name, Voter Reg,  CCT 9/22 Employment Report, Donors, Campaign Website, Campaign Facebook, Facebook Business Website


Joe Kent (R)    Ab   PP  PAS  RM
2024: Campaign Website,  I  2022:  Pro Life Statement iVoterGuide Ab, PAS Family Life,  Bernie Vote, Dem Reg Explanations May Trafalgar Poll, RM (21:07) Gabbard EndorsementKent LifePac Page, February Trafalgar Poll, Cowlitz Straw Poll 4/23 Cowlitz Straw Poll 2/22 Religious AffiliationPollsDonorsCampaign Website, Campaign FacebookYouTube, Twitter,


Leslie Lewallen (R)
2024: Campaign Website,   I  2021: FB Post, FB Post, Detox Interview,  FB Like, Campaign Website, Campaign Facebook Facebook, FB Likes,


Saulie-Rohman (I)
2024: Campaign Website,


  District 17 - State Senator       Wilson Retirement

Paul Harris (R)   Ab 
2024: Campaign WebsiteCampaign Facebook,  I  2020: 65% Family Policy Institute Action Vote Score,  HB 1608 Vote RF,  Campaign Website
Campaign Facebook   I  2018: Human Life PAC Endorsed, Pro Life Statements, IVoter GuideCampaign WebsiteCampaign Facebook I  2016: Survey Response, Campaign Website  Abortion Insurance Mandate Vote  I 2014: Survey Response, Human Life PAC Endorsed, Campaign Website, Campaign Facebook I 2012: Human Life PAC Endorsed, Marriage Vote, Campaign Website I 2010: Human Life PAC Endorsed Campaign Website I 2006: Survey Response, Human Life PAC Endorsed, Candidate's Website I 2004: Survey Response


Marla Keethler
2024: Campaign Website,

  District 17 - State Rep, Pos 1      

Kevin Waters (R)  Ab   RA     LifePac Recommended
2024: Campaign WebsiteFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,  I  2022: Pro Life Affirmation, Columbian EndorsedBallotPedia Survey PS, RA, Campaign WebsiteFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,

  District 17 - State Rep, Pos 2   

Hanna Joy (R)   Ab
2024: Campaign Website,  I  2022: 
Pro Life Statement HLP Campaign Website


David Stuebe

2024: Lacamas Mag 5/7CCT 4/18, Facebook I  2023: Interview Video, Facebook
 LinkedIn, City Bio,  I  2021:  Facebook LinkedIn, Post Record 9/29,


Terri Niles Ab   PP   N
2024: Campaign Website Campaign Facebook Facebook, I  2022:   
Planned Parenthood Endorsed Naral Endorsed  (Cached),  Pro Abortion FB Post 1, 2, 3, MoreCampaign Website Campaign Facebook Facebook,

  District 18 - State Senator      

Greg Cheney (R)
2024:  I  2022: John Ley 8/11/22PDC: ContributionsCampaign Website, Facebook,

Brad Benton  Ab   HLP
2024: Campaign Website, I  2022: HLPCampaign Website,   Facebook,
Adrian Cortes (D)  RM

2024:  I  2021: Campaign FacebookFacebook,  I  2015:  Marijuana Vote   I   2012: Survey Response, Campaign Website   Re-enters 18th District Race

  District 18 - State Rep, Pos 1      

Stephanie McClintock (R)   Ab  R/I   FI    CSE    PP    SCl    SCh    LifePac Recommended
2022: 2013 Survey ReaffirmediVoterGuideCCT 5/2Campaign Website, Campaign Facebook, Facebook,  I  2013: Survey Response, Campaign Website

Deken Letinich

  District 18 - State Rep, Pos 2      

Philip Johnson  RM
2024:  I  2014:
 Marijuana Moratorium Yes Vote   I  2011: Campaign Video
  District 20 - State Rep, Pos 1  

Peter Abbarno (R)   Ab  M  LBC  FI  PAS  CC  CSE  RM   DD  CP   RA    LifePac Recommended

Melvin Kaleolani Apana

  District 20 - State Rep, Pos 2  

  District 49 - State Senator         

Brett Graham

Russell Barber

Justin Forsman  Ab  LBC  M  LAC  FI  PAS  RM  CC  CSE  CP    


Court of Appeals, Division 2, District 3, Pos. 1

Bernard F. Veljacic

Clark County Superior Court

Nancy N Retsinas
David E. Gregerson
Derek Vanderwood
Gregory M. Gonzales
Camara L.J. Banfield
John Fairgrieve
Jennifer K Snider
Suzan Clark
Robert A. Lewis
Tsering Cornell
Emily A. Sheldrick


  County Council  

Position 3

Wil Fuentes

John Jay

Chuck Keplar

Position 4

Shannon L. Roberts

Joe Zimmerman

Matt Little

Dorothy Gasque

Peter Cutile

   Clark County Public Utilities Commissioner   

District 1

Sherry Erickson

Chris Thobaben

James Oneil

  Clark County Charter Review Commissioner      Charter Information