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Sex Ed Opt Out
And Alternatives

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The Healthy Youth Act

The Healthy Youth Act governs sex ed programs in Washington State public schools.  It states in section 8, Excusal of Students that " any parent or legal guardian who wishes to have his/her child excused from any planned instruction in sexual health education may do so upon filing a written request with the school district board of directors or its designee and the board of directors shall make available the appropriate forms for such requests. Alternative educational opportunities shall be provided for those excused."

When excused from sex ed, the student needs to participate in an alternate program to get the credits needed for graduation.  Such alternative curricula presented by the school may be general health topics, and not necessarily sex ed.  Other programs provided by outside organizations such as Teen-Aid below, can be utilized for moral sex ed instruction, often using Risk Avoidance Education.

Sex Ed Alternatives

Teen-Aid: The Alternative Project (TA). Teen-Aid is a federally funded, Washington State not-for-profit started in 1981 for the specific purpose of teaching life skills to reduce premarital sexual activity using Risk Avoidance Education. Today, Teen-Aid has expanded its service to provide programs to enhance relationships, strengthen marriage and parenting and assist in helping with employment skills.  With the help of federal grants, Teen-Aid is able to provide the Alternative Project free of charge.

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