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Evergreen School District Sex Ed Programs

March 2021
EPS Human Growth and Development

"EPS has adopted the FLASH curriculum modules for grades 4-8 for Human Growth and Development instruction."
"The modules listed above [see website] are the only modules adopted by EPS. Other modules on the FLASH website that are not board approved will not be used for classroom instruction."
High School: "HLT311 Health is a one semester required CTE [Career and technical education] course for high school graduation."

The information below was obtained through a public record request (RCW 42.56) in April of 2015.

Grade Level Program
Grade 4 Just Around the Corner – For Girls, Just Around the Corner – For Boys
Grade 5 Growing Up! For Girls, Growing Up! For Boys!, What is AIDS?
Grade 6 Girl to Woman, Boy to Man, AIDS and the Immune System
Grade 7 AIDS/HIV: Answers for Young People (2nd edition)
Grade 8 Teens and AIDS: Real People, Real Stories
High School


Prentice Hall, copyright 2010

ISBN 978-0133-672-503


The units of instruction are: Intro to health, physical health, mental and emotional health, substance abuse, social health, human sexuality, environmental factors and health, leadership and employability.


Health Care Science Technology Textbook

    Chapter 6 for Reproductive system anatomy

    Chapter 7 for Phases of Human Growth and Development


KNOW - HIV/AIDS Prevention Curriculum 

Washington State OSPI approved curriculum