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Camas Sex Ed Programs
  Camas School District  
April 2021
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A parent shared with me their experience with the Camas School District when they inquired about viewing the sex ed curriculum for their students class at Skyridge Middle School. Here is their story:
July 2019

Camas School District – Sex Education: Peeling the Onion
by Southwest Washington Education (K-12)

There is a concerted effort being led by the State Superintendent of Schools, Chris Reykdal, to overhaul the Washington State student sexual health education curriculum. Mr. Reykdal asked the legislature to sponsor legislation this last session that would create a Comprehensive Sexual Health Education program. My Reykdal testified in front of the legislature demanding a total revamp. Among the changes: teaching gender identity starting in kindergarten. He is urging school districts across the state to adopt his changes and, in so doing, implement significant changes. More ...
July 2019

Camas Schools - Heath Standards: Sexual Health

In spring 2016, the Office of the Superintendent of Public Education in Washington adopted new health standards.  Sexual Health Education is one of the six “core ideas,” and includes a strand focusing on gender/self-identity. The information below provides timelines, themes from the listening post, and next steps. The overarching goal of engagement with the topic of gender/self-identity is this: Create inclusive environments that ensure that each student experiences safety, belonging and care within a learning community. This includes students who are gender non-conforming and gender-questioning.  More ...

Camas educators: Let’s talk about sex

As sexual health standards change, school district leaders seek student, parent input

By Tori Benavente | August 21, 2018 9:36 am


Camas School District leaders are looking to the community and students to help guide discussions surrounding sexual health education in the classroom.

The district has used the FLASH curriculum, a comprehensive science-based sexual health education (sex ed) curriculum designed to prevent pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and sexual violence since the 2010-11 school year.

Shannon Cotton, a health and fitness teacher at Liberty Middle School, said recent updates to the FLASH curriculum include subjects Camas area educators haven’t covered before, such as gender identity issues.  More ...