Life Issues / Family Ethics Political Action Committee of Southwest Washington

Planned Parenthood Endorsements
2015 General Election


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Candidate Endorsements

 2015 Election Endorsements


State Initiative 1366: Oppose

King County Best Starts for Kids Ordinance: Support

Seattle Initiative 122 (Honest Elections): Support


30th Legislative District, House Pos. 2: Carol Gregory


Auburn City Council, Pos. 5: John Holman

Bellevue City Council, Pos. 5: Vandana Slatter
Bellevue City Council, Pos. 7: Jennifer Robertson

Bellingham Mayor: Kelli Linville
Bellingham City Council, At-Large: Roxanne Murphy
Bellingham City Council, 1st Ward: April Barker
Bellingham City Council, 3rd Ward: Dan Hammill

Clark County Council, Chair: Mike Dalesandro

Edmonds City Council, Pos. 2: Mike Nelson
Edmonds City Council, Pos. 4: Diane Buckshnis

Everett City Council, Pos. 6: Brenda Stonecipher

Federal Way City Council, Pos. 7: Dini Duclos

Issaquah City Council, Pos. 2: Jennifer Sutton

Kent City Council, Pos. 1: Tina Budell

King County Council, District 4: Jeanne Kohl-Wells
King County Council, District 6: Jane Hague and Claudia Balducci (Dual)

Maple Valley City Council, Pos. 5: Megan Sheridan

Mercer Island City Council, Pos. 3: Wendy Weiker
Mercer Island City Council, Pos. 4: Bruce Bassett
Mercer Island City Council, Pos. 7: Debbie Bertlin

Redmond City Council, Pos. 5: Angela Birney

Renton City Council: Ruth Perez

San Juan County Public Hospital District #1, Pos. 1: Bill Williams
San Juan County Public Hospital District #1, Pos. 2: Barbara Sharp
San Juan County Public Hospital District #1, Pos. 3: Monica Harrington

Seattle City Council, District 6: Mike O’Brien
Seattle City Council, District 7: Sally Bagshaw

Shoreline City Council, Pos. 2: Jessica Cafferty
Shoreline City Council, Pos. 6: Jesse Salomon

Snohomish County Executive: John Lovick
Snohomish County Council, Pos. 2: Brian Sullivan

Spokane City Council, President: Ben Stuckart
Spokane City Council, District 2: Lori Kinnear
Spokane City Council, District 3: Karen Stratton

Tacoma City Council, District 1: Anders Ibsen
Tacoma City Council, At-Large Pos. 8: Ryan Mello

Tukwila Mayor: De’Sean Quinn

Vancouver City Council, Pos. 5: Ty Stober

Whatcom County Council, District 1, Pos. B: Todd Donovan
Whatcom County Council, District 2, Pos. B: Satpal Sidhu

Yakima City Council, District 1: Dulce Gutiérrez
Yakima City Council, District 2: Avina Gutiérrez
Yakima City Council, District 3: Carmen Méndez