Life Issues / Family Ethics Political Action Committee
of Southwest Washington

Randal Friedman
2023 Camas Mayoral Candidate


LifePac Interview/Correspondence with Mr. Friedman: 

"We talked about a marijuana dispensary in Camas. As you know, this was extensively discussed and action taken by the City Council. Camas was and is not a city to house a dispensary. I’ve heard of no clamoring for one since. With Camas’ limited commercial areas, there are certainly more pressing needs especially when dispensaries are located a reasonable distance from the city limits on 192nd, and are accessible through C-Trans’ shuttle service.

Given this history, I would not put a dispensary on my list of Camas’ needs. As someone who is expectedly unbiased in reviewing future applications I cannot say what I would do on a specific application. I do say I would not look for that kind of use. Moreover, in the event an application came up I would suggest to the Council, if there is any interest in approval, it be placed on a ballot for public vote should they wish to change current precedence. With Camas’ strong attraction as a family destination, and limited space, I believe voters would reject changes to allow a dispensary."

And ...

"As mayor, I will make no effort to bring the issue back. Period. My only hesitancy is if somehow the issue is brought up I have a duty to listen, as I will have for any citizen or business.

Having said that, my position is and would be to to consider it only if four people on Council ask it put on an agenda. I would have to set it for an agenda, and respectfully listen. I see no reason to change council precedent and position however.

In the unlikely event it was desired to put it for council discussion, I would make sure it is a robust discussion including the police, schools, and people like you have the opportunity to weigh in. Again, I would see no reason to change it, but as you point out it is not my decision in the end.

In short, I will do nothing to facilitate in any manner a change."

And ...

LifePac: Given the significant public health consequences of mj (AMA holds firm in calling it a dangerous drug), would you have the conviction to lead the community as mayor and veto a council attempt to commercialize mj in Camas? 

Mr. Friedman: Yes, I would veto it, though overriding the veto just takes one additional vote.