Life Issues / Family Ethics
Political Action Committee
of Southwest Washington

2020 Washington State General Election

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  US President / Vice President     Comparisions:   NRTL   FRC

Donald Trump / Mike Pence (R)*   
Ab   LBC   RF  NRTL   LifePac Recommended
2020: NRTL Endorsed,  Trump's 2020 Pro-Life Letter,
 NRTL Trump RecordFRC Trump AccomplishmentsCampaign Website,  I  2016: Abortion Position,  Campaign WebsiteYouTubePatton Video I 1998: Abortion Statement

Joe Biden / Kamala Harris (D)   Ab  N  PP  
 NARAL Endorsed,  Planned Parenthood Endorsed,  NRTL Biden/Trump Comparison,  Most Anti-Catholic Ticket Video,  Campaign Website

  State Initiatives and Referendums  

Referendum 90 on SB 5395 SeXXX Ed Legislation

Vote To Reject!

  State Executive  

 Governor     Debate 10/7   Clark Co Today 7/10
Loren Culp (R)  Ab   FPIWA   LifePac Recommended
Survey Response FPIWA Action Endorsed, iVoterGuide, Campaign WebsiteCampaign Facebook

  Lieutenant Governor  

Joshua Freed (R)  FPIWA,   Write-In Candidate   LifePac Recommended
2020: Family Policy Institute Action Endorsed,  Poverty, Homelessness and Drugs,  Campaign Website,  Campaign Facebook

Denny Heck (D)  Ab  N  PP
Naral Endorsed Planned Parenthood Endorsed,  2% Pro-Life Voting Record, iVoterGuideCampaign Website, I  2014: Planned Parenthood Endorsement, Naral: 100% Pro Choice,  National Right To Life Rating: 0% Pro Life, Women's Political Caucus FB Like, Campaign Website  Campaign Facebook   I   Pro Abortion Endorsements, Campaign Website

Marko Liias (D)  Ab
Campaign Website, Naral Scorecard: A,  iVoterGuide,  I  2014: Naral Endorsed

  Secretary Of State  

Kim Wyman (R)*  RA   LifePac Recommended

Gael Tarleton (D)
  Ab  N  PP  NWPC

  Attorney General      Roanoke Conference Debate

Bob Ferguson (D)*   Ab  N  PP
Naral Endorsed,  Planned Parenthood Endorsed, Campaign Website, I  2016: Naral Endorsed,  Planned Parenthood Endorsed,  Campaign Website   I  2012: Naral Endorsed


Matt Larkin (R)   FPIWA,  RA   LifePac Recommended

  State Treasurer  

Duane Davidson (R)* 
FPIWA,   MSR    LifePac Recommended
2020:  Family Policy Institute Action Endorsed, iVoterGuide,
 Campaign Website,  I  2016: Endorsements,  Mainstream Republicans Endorsed  Campaign Website

Mike Pellicciotti (D)  Ab  N  PP

  State Auditor  

Pat McCarthy (D)*    
National Women's Political Caucus Endorsed, Campaign Website I  2016: Naral: Pro ChoiceNational Womens Political Caucus Endorsement,


Chris Leyba (R)
  LifePac Recommended
2020: Campaign Website, Campaign Facebook

  Superintendent of Public Instruction (Non Partisan)     Voters Guide:   SWW Education  Spokesman Review 6/28

Maia Espinoza  Ab  HLP   LifePac Recommended

  Commissioner Of Public Lands  

Hilary Franz (D)*    

Sue Kuehl Pederson (R)  Ab   LBC   PP   M   LifePac Recommended

  Insurance Commissioner  

Chirayu Patel (R)  Ab   PP   M

  State Judicial     

  Washington State Supreme Court   
    WSSC Website   
Code of Judicial Conduct

Position 3
Raquel Lewis *  NWPC  PP

Dave Larson   RA  FPIWA   LifePac Recommended

Position 4

Position 6
Helen Whitener *  Ab  NWPC  PP

Richard Serns   LifePac Recommended

Position 7
Debra Stephens *  Ab