Life Issues / Family Ethics Political Action Committee of Southwest Washington

UCAN Candidate Forum
Aug 16, 2007
by Margaret Tweet

At a United Camas Association of Neighborhoods (UCAN) candidate forum held August 1, 2007, citizens wrote questions for candidates.  The at large candidates were asked, "Would you support filtering out pornography on all computers for all ages at the library?"
Cliff Duncan said that the council should have a policy regarding constitutional issues and that it is difficult to know how far (filtering) could go with the general public.  He believes adult sections of the library need to make available things the library carries for adults and that the library could handle things of an offensive nature in a way that is acceptable.
Dick Chaney said that he is personally supportive of filtering, but would defer to the library board for public policy direction. He would want to know if there is compelling evidence against using filters? Is it (pornography) available in print?  If not, why should it be available on the internet?
Richard Arnold supports filtering out pornography on all computers for all ages, but wonders if staff should (alone) be in the position of trying to “filter."

            LifePac's Library Pornography Webpage for extensive information concerning this issue.

            2003 US Supreme Court ruling on CIPA detailing lawful regulation of library internet.